Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Finally am Back People!!!!

I hope you are okay in all possible ways. It’s long since I last posted on this blog. There are several personal issues why I have not posted for almost three months. Writing is not easy when you have very limited time, but now, am glad to let you know that am back. How have you been? How do you spend your valentines day on 14th February? What about the Women’s day on 8th March? These are all important days in our lives. Have you attended the Sanyu Fm’s Breakfast show party yesterday? I presume that you managed to attend the now famous Free thinker’s night that comes every last Thursday of each month and it comes with a new topic every time, so make it a point this time to be there on 29 April 2010 6pm at 4 points Bar and Restaurant at Centenary Park opposite Zain House on Jinja Road.

I did attend and finally learnt that there’s so much more to life than simply laying back and rest in your home, today am just reminding you that am back. There’s so much more to write on but may be it’s a little more important to check on you? How is everything in your life?

Are you moving on smoothly with your New Year’s resolutions? Is there any progress? If so then I salute and admire you for that. Allow me to stop here and please watch my blog, there’s so much more to write on and soon, you will prove that am still the guy you knew for so long..

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