Friday, April 23, 2010

Never Trust a Christian or any religious fanatics

I will not go in full details of how 90 percent of Christians in Africa mostly those of pentecostal denomination. behave.But what i must say is,do read this article and see why you should never never trust a religious person.


Anonymous said...

How is it that one "Christian" represents the true image of ALL Christians? To say never trust a Christian because of this fraud is being a fanatic on the other side.

This fraud evidently put himself in a sheep's skin and made himself very believable to the meek - and I say meek, because I also put blame on those that would sell everything and give up all you had just becoz someone said they are going to pay you $ 11,000. What guarantee was there to make you give up all that. Along with social security card details etc. You have to be meek to give in to that without question.

Anonymous said...

Its NOT one xtian.Almost 90 percent of religious people do the opposite of what their dogma teaches them