Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I'm going back to my house,"

"Thunderbird" is mentioned in this article  .Thunderbird wine, as they say, never saw a grape.  It's alcohol and artificial flavours.   Go here to read more about Thunderbird:
The important thing about this article is that one can go from the lowest depths of hopelessness to a place of prominence.

I'm sure you (my readers) know a number of alcoholics. Alcohol destroys brain cells which not only causes memory loss and difficulty in processing information, but for the subconscious part of the brain, lowers the ability to fight disease, and causes loss of efficient performance of all the body's systems and organs. 

 Brain cells in the speech centers cause slurred speech--even with sober alcoholics--very similar to those who have had strokes. Plus, alcohol is expensive because governments like to pile on the taxes on it.

Back when I was going through my teenage age, I knew that if I dealt with my severe depression by drinking alcohol that would lead to my death. 

I dealt with depression and loneliness as I've been doing and as most of the brave/smart/intellectuals are doing—that’s getting myself on the keyboard and writes, read news, chat with friends and of course try my chances of developing new ideas that am not letting anyone have access now. 

In this way, I have been secured from the danger of alcoholism.

Finally do read this wonderful story.

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