Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From African in Africa :The hypocrisy of black Americans.

This isn't just about one man who happens to be a raving hypocrite.  This article reflects the attitude of most black Americans. Most  black Americans voted for George Bush in 2000 and 2004 because Bush promised a Constitutional Amendment "protecting traditional marriage."

  And here you have it right in this article. Bernice King is an active anti-gay bigot.  The three closest aides of Dr. Martin Luther King were also anti-gay bigots: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Dr. Ralph Abernathy, and Rev. Walter Fauntroy.  So what would that tell the average person about Dr. Martin Luther King himself?  I would say more hypocrisy.  It's common for black heterosexual males to wax self-righteous when it comes to discrimination against black heterosexual males.  They not only condemn gay people, they also preach that women are to submit to their man.  So when Dr. King preached "All God's Children" he came across as a hypocrite as Eddie Long does today.

Why can't we live, work and love one another as equals?  And answer is -- in the Bible.  Instead of the Bible, people should be reading just as assiduously the works of Abraham Maslow.  They should be reading George Orwell's Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four, both which explain double-speak and hypocrisy. 

If you can't practice what you preach, then what you preach is meaningless and self-discrediting.

As for Coretta Scott King, she was a wonderful person. I commend her for standing up to the bigots in her family, in her church, and the anti-gay bigots in the nation as a whole.   But her advocacy for human rights for gay people was pushed aside--after all, she was "just" a woman--and "you know how women are . . .?" say the male chauvinists.

And let me not fail to include Rev. Jerry McAfee who is viewed as the black American community's spokesman and representative   in Minneapolis--an ugly bigot who shamed my best friend  in public (Tuesday, 17th February 1998 at Lucille's Kitchen) because he is atheist and gay. And being white didn't help him either. Shamed him on KMOJ-FM radio when he wanted to volunteer to be a tutor in the black community.   That was more than 12 years ago, and since then  he have contributed nothing to the black American community because of their bigotry, hypocrisy and violence.  In Washington, D.C. he was beaten up badly by black heterosexual males--1968, 1969 and 1985 resulting in hospitalisation (1968) and out-patient treatment for the other two.  Physically, he healed, but the psychological impact remains intact with him.

Black Americans lament: "White America is insensitive to the needs of her black citizens."  And when a white American steps forward to contribute his time and experience to black members of "The Village" he's slapped down with derision and public shaming.  And when you're on the other end of such hatefulness, it has an enormous emotional impact.  Lessons are learned: for a white man: "Stay away from black Americans.  They're very punishing people."

Yes there's bigotry in white America too, but one have a much better chance of being viewed as an equal human being by whites than  by black Americans.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

USA Pastor has right to burn Quran!

When an American follower of my blog sent me these photos of a Confederate Flag below, I knew I had some advice for the world.
Some guy in Hinckley, Minnesota, at a business not far from a Subway Sandwich Shop, put up various blankets for sale, one of them was of this racist flag. 
Hinckley, a squat little town in the middle of essentially nowhere is about 250 km south of the Canadian border.  The American--who wished to remain unidentified--was sitting in a car taking photos of this blanket. Yes, the American was annoyed with this.  But in America there is freedom of expression and he realised that this white man was using the emotions attached to this flag as an advertising gimmick.  For those who aren't familiar with this controversial flag, go to Wikipedia, under "Confederate Flag".
True, there are many other images that can attract attention, such as the face of Marilyn Monroe or Shaquille O'Neal, but somebody decided to make a blanket of this racist flag, and the man you see decided to buy it and put it up for sale--along with his other blankets.  Even if the Confederate blanket doesn't sell, if it attracts attention and customers to buy his OTHER blankets--the purchase and display of the Confederate blanket was a good investment. 
Now that this white man's face is on my blogsite, will anyone make a big issue of this?  My advice, as a black African, is to simply ignore the white man and silently boycott his business.  Likewise with Pastor Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center, of a state in the southeast corner of the USA.  Americans have in their constitution a First Amendment which guarantees freedom of expression (free press, free speech, free Internet, and even the right for an American to burn an American flag).
Until just recently, I didn't even know who Pr Jones was.  But now every one in the world does.  My advice is to just let him burn copies of this paper holy book and ignore him.  Further advice: boycott all religions.
What puzzles me is this: "The top US commander in Afghanistan has warned that troops' lives will be in danger if an American church sticks to its plan to burn copies of the Koran.  Gen David Petraeus said the action could cause problems "not just in Kabul, but everywhere in the world". BBC, 7 Sept 2010.
What is America trying to do with its many wars in the world? Are they trying to protect something?  Maybe spread some sort of ideology by force onto other countries? From their many contradictory explanations, I read that one of the reasons is to protect democracy.   Democracy must include freedom of unpopular expression.  The US Supreme Court has upheld the right to burn an American Flag, and even though conservative congressional representatives tried to make a law against burning the American flag (which their Supreme Court would strike down anyway as unconstitutional), the law was never passed.   So if an American can legally burn their flag, then they can legally burn the Judeochristian bible and they can legally burn the Qur'an.   And that's the way it should be.
But various bleeding heart christian liberals in the United States are crying out for all of us to respect people's religious beliefs.  They are nuts!  ALL religions promote violence. I'm sorry, as long as I have any remnant of sanity left in me, I will never respect any religion and the human division, hatred and violence that all of them promote.   I am an atheist, I am a humanist.
People in East Africa are sick and tired of Christian fanatics like Joseph Kony, the white American fundamentalists who come to East Africa to teach Africans to hate and kill one another, and here in Uganda and Kenya, we still haven't recovered from the Islamic-led bombings of people watching TV football.  More than 80 people have died here in Kampala because of the 11th July 2010 bombings.  And we're suppose to respect the moslem religion?  Truely, all those who call for respect of people's religions are silly and should be dismissed as lunatics.
When I tell xtians that I don't respect their religion or the moslem religion, they instinctively say: "Well, then there's no reason to respect your religion."  One problem: I don't have religion.   I don't have a soul to be saved, I am not going before any god on "Judgment Day", I won't be going to "heaven" or "hell".  In short, religion is nonsense.  Worse, religion is hateful and violent.  I respect human rights, democracy, and peace--and religionists don't.
So don't be telling Pastor Terry Jones to not burn the Qur'an.  It's his constitutional right to do so in America.  If moslems don't like it, they should burn copies of the Judeochristian bible.  It should be their right to do so.  As an atheist, I do NOT approve of destruction of property and people's lives as an act of protest. 

Some guy in Hinckley, Minnesota, at a business not far from a Subway Sandwich Shop, put up various blankets for sale, one of them was of this racist flag.