Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Africa: The only Continent that embraced Bisexualism.

Towards the end of 1990s, there was an alleged gay wedding in a small barber shop in Wandegeya.  If I recall well, it was around 1998. Many media houses published the event and it took only a short time for the President of Uganda to react. He ordered his tigers to go out in Wandegeya Township to find these so called 'faggots' and lock them up.

I was a hawker by then and I knew nothing about sexuality. I was not in anyway an activist and never thought of it. I must say that at this time, I was homophobic. I had never met a gay person in my life, but I hated them so deeply, just as the President did.  My hatred towards GLBT people have got its roots in my religious background, but not because I really knew what it meant to be gay.

The publication of this event in Wandegeya forced me to go out there and read extensively about what it means to be gay. My research proved that people do not learn to be gay and that they had no choice about it.  It affirmed that some people are born that way and you can do nothing to change them. And that homosexualism is not a habit. The word gay itself had less meaning to me. I must add that ignorance really fueled my hate towards a group of people I knew nothing about, just like most of you.

The publication of this wedding kept on going and much hatred was out there. I wrote to the Daily Monitor newspaper. I do need to check my archives to know the date which my letter was published. One thing I must note is that by this time I saw no need to keep records, today I need to recall this email but I cannot see it. This is a lesson well learnt.

In that simple email that I wrote, I asked the President (he was out of the country  earlier  when activists in UK forced him to comment about his remarks towards the gay wedding), He replied that “there were no gays in Uganda”. So in my email, I asked the President, if you claimed that there are no gays in Uganda, what about the group called Homoactive Uganda?  Actually, there was no such group at the time, but it was just an attempt to see the reaction of both the political arena and from the communities. I knew so little that people read letters published in news.

I was overwhelmed by the replies I got. A big number of them were hard-hitting on me for responding to the  President  and who was I to respond to him?  In their view, no one could respond to the President’s remarks. He was final and fountain of honour in the land. Other emails were calling me a hero. Some emails called demeaning names and others were asking me directions to where homo active group located or met. But there was one man, Chris, who wrote to me and requested to meet me. I agreed, not knowing what exactly the person willing to meet me would discuss, this brought in some fears but I had already decided to go.   I wrote the email to the Daily Monitor NOT because I was gay; I simply wanted to see the reaction. And I met so many people in person which encouraged me to push for more freedoms, indeed some of them were homosexuals themselves although I have lost contact for over 90% of these people.

 We discussed equality and human rights issues for GLBT people with Chris and how best we can address the problem. In the following week, I met several pro-GLBT equality Government officials in their office, I was surprised to note this yet on the streets of Kampala, homophobia was blazing like wild fires. I recall one official pulled out a brand new book that am struggling to recall its author and title, it was about sexuality and he had destroyed the first pages of the book to be on a safe side just incase his boss get notice of it. This guy was kind and simple, Yes he was gay I think. (He never told me about his sexuality). I lost contact with him too; he contributed deeply to the equality struggle despite of him being in the closet.

Another official at Kampala Club pulled out two books of Bishop John Shelby Spong titled “Living in sin? A bishop rethinks Human sexuality”.  This is a must read book for all religious folks. This is the book that ended my homophobia. It’s a great book for all who want to know about views on human sexuality written by a churchman.

Chris is in Uganda and I met him few weeks ago after almost 12 years. Meeting him in 2001 was the beginning of what you now know as the GLBT movement in Uganda, although many people try to bury it and they have taken credit for defending GLBT rights other than me, my work will always exist--be it documented or not. The celebration of any small achievement by GLBT rights activist is a collective responsibility of so many silent heroes and heroines that we must always recognise their role.

The journey is too detailed for the purposes of this article.  Nonetheless, I wanted to briefly address the issue of homophobia in Africa. Of all continents, Africa is the only place where sex is natural and its essential significance. There was no homophobia before colonialists. And the only normal way of having natural sex in Africa was being bisexual. In Africa, many people had sex anywhere by anyone any time. And it was ok. Africans could have sex by both women and men and this makes the Africa the only sexually active bisexual continent. Bisexuality has existed in Africa since time immemorial.

To understand my opinion, you would need to talk to the foreign gays in Uganda. Talking to them will reveal so much more than what you may expect. I have been talking with Heaviside (not real name), a gay friend from Europe. He had lived in Uganda for over ten years and he told me he had got more sexual advances and enjoyment from married and straight people in Uganda. The men who are having sex with him are men and married, If a bigger percentage of Africans are bisexuals, then why the hatred towards gays? For this question, Heaviside has got an answer from his own observations.

Heaviside says that real straight men cannot be threatened by gays. It’s only bisexuals that are under threat. In Africa, people used to have sex with anybody in secrecy and there was no tags like gay, lesbian or bisexual. These tags were introduced by colonialists and religions. The introduction of these tags founded the threat towards the natural way of enjoying sex yet the inhabitants of Africans, wanted to keep their great sexual adventures under cover, and this can be proved by Heaviside who is facing so many homophobic people during day and evening, these are the very same people he do have sex with. From his point of view, a bigger percentage of people in Africa enjoy natural sexual adventurism and that’s bisexualism although he admits that there are those who are 100% gays and 100% heterosexuals and not attracted to bisexualism.

Heaviside noted that, as a result of white male obsession  in Uganda by Ugandans, many women are coming to him, and when he tells them that he loves Dick so deeply, they got to note that he is gay, for them being gay is all about anal sex, so some women had told him how they will walk an extra mile and offer what he wants most (according to them, that’s anal sex) and one beautiful lady asked him if he could bring out her brother for him. Whom she had no idea about his sexuality.

This is now puzzling; can we say these men and women were bisexuals? Or they saw Heaviside as a walking ATM machine that could bail them out of poverty? Should we think that Africans would put homophobic views aside when it comes for money especially when it's night time? The answer is yes.

Religions are the cause of all the hatred and hate speech against GLBT people in Africa. There were no tags on sexuality in Africa before the coming of colonialists and religious groups.  Indeed there are countries in Africa that didn’t have any legislation against homosexuality. Take an example of Rwanda, up to now, its laws are silent when it comes to homosexuality. Why don’t Africans return to their natural understanding sexuality and end homophobia?  After all, the colonial masters left 50 years ago and they made an extra-ordinary move on arrival to their respective countries.  Some countries have legalised same-sex marriage, others are still struggling with this issue.  But at least no First World country arrests and imprisons GLBT people.

However, the anti-gay religious bigots of those countries have come to Africa to foster hatred that cannot be done in more enlightened countries.  You can always count on religions to perpetuate hate, violence, social and political oppression.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Atheistic understanding of the book of Revelation in the Bible.

In 1996, I was still a street child wandering on the streets of Mityana Township like a stray dog. I had no one who loved me, life was very rough and no hope of ever making it in life. I ate from dustbins and nothing I could do by then to jump out of that horrible life.

As time went on, I found my way into the hands of someone one I have lost contact now for almost 20 years. He was called Kigozi.  He was working as a turn-boy on a lorries of Mityana businessmen. He was a very kind guy in his 20s who just started his life after years of struggling with life himself. He embraced me with his own arms and took me in his house that he had just rented on the out-skirts of Mityana just like a week earlier. He didn’t have a mattress, he had just a mat and a small grey blanket like that one, that your mum used to cover you when you were just five years. He had a basin for bathing and a 20 litre jerrycan for drawing water from a distance of almost 10 kilometres from that well which was based in the deep valley of Kigoogwa. There was also food and a charcoal stove.

The neighbourhood loved him because every time he went for safaris, he could come back with bunches of matooke, sweet potatoes and he sold this food for a cheaper price compared to the one in the market and this earned him respect within the community.

My first day in Kigozi’s house was warm. It felt livable to bath with a smooth, nice-smelling soap in clean water. I slept soundly and it’s still memorable as if it happened yesterday. In the morning as he was about to leave for work, he woke me up and introduced me to the neighbourhood as his brother. Kigozi was renting a mizigo (single rooms very common in slums of cities in developing centres and sometimes they could accommodate up to 20 or more families). Thus Kigozi was renting on a home that had a string of families that accommodated more than 40 families, all of them from various background. Some were educated and others were not, some came from good families and others not, some had wives and children and others didn’t.

There was electricity too, and this was my first time to sleep in a room with electricity. Kigozi had just inserted a 100-watt bulb and it used to consume much power. I do not know why I did this, but I could sometimes leave that bulb on all day long and it took just few days of doing it when our neighbors noticed and warned me about it, but I unintentionally did it over and over, something that put us on loggerheads within the community. Up to now, I do not know why I always forgot to switch off that bulb, but it forced me to face the music on a daily basis.

After a week at Kigozi’s home, he bought a huge six by six ft mattress. Royal foam brand. I couldn’t imagine how big it was. For the first time, I slept on a mattress. It was warm and soft.  In the morning, it felt like I did sleep in heaven, and I started envisioning a brighter future.

Everything was improving so rapidly. I started earning money by collecting water for the neighbourhood who knew me as Kigozi’s brother. I sold each 20 litre jerrycan of water at 150 UGX and I could collect 30 jerricans a day. Indeed life was sweatie and nothing could stop me from hitting the greater dreams that I had started envisioning.

I came to know many businessmen and women through Kigozi. He introduced me as a brother to almost to everybody he knew would matter to us one day or another. They loved him and they extended that warmth to me too.

Among the many people I met, there was a 60+ year old lady called Ms Mangarita Sserunkuma. She was beautiful and warm and indeed, she lived a happy life.  She was educated and had a good life from childhood until the time I met her. From my observations, it was like she lived all her dreams, She conceived 8 children who all died of AIDS/HIV earlier and this was the only thing that brought sorrow in her life. She was so kind and loving. Her late children left a number of offspring that inspired her to start what we now know as Mityana Orphanage Centre on Namukozi Road, a few metres from Mityana Cathedral.

One of her sons left a stationery shop in the Township and a home in Butega. Mangarita took possession of the shop to be able to support the offspring of her departed son. I befriended her and she welcomed me with open arms. Soon she started giving me casual jobs and employing me as a messenger between her stationery shop and orphanage centre. I became part of her workforce although I wasn’t a salaried employ. Each day, my friendship with her grew and grew strong, in that she introduced me to the house in Butega left by her son. I moved into that house to provide security and also take charge of the gardens. After my daily work in Butega, I could walk that 15 kilometres from Butega to the township of Mityana where I usually ate lunch with Mangarita. With time, after years of working in Mityana and have not earned any of the dreams I had, I chose to swift to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. I had worked harder in Mityana but life is just that, nothing was really being added on my life apart from living from hand to mouth.

After almost ten years in Kampala, I learnt that Mangarita died in 2010. I felt sad for not having attended her funeral. But that’s life. On 1st May 2012, as I slept, Mangarita came to my vision, I hate calling it a dream but I was half asleep I think. I started talking to her. She was lively as she used to be. We talked about so much more and ended up talking about her son’s property in Butega. In the vision, she was telling me how she has the land title and that she will be happy to sell the property to me. She was warm while talking to me, it was so close to being real. I jumped out of sleep and started asking myself how could this be? Why am I envisioning her in my sleep? What must have initiated this after years of not being close to that property? Why should I even think about this property yet cannot even buy it?

After so many questions, I started searching for answers why, of all people, I envisioned Mangarita. The real answer is that am struggling with accommodation now that my brains downplayed all the days I used to enjoy free housing and this became the source of that vision. My brains thought of good life in free housing.

Does this point us to what could have been with John who is being claimed to have written the book of Revelation? John must have been struggling with life and wanted to escape the challenges. And since he was promised the good things in heaven, every time of the difficulties in life, he envision free good life instead of focusing on solving the real challenges through logical thinking and hard work.

These kinds of visions are very common with religious folks who want free ride in life and fear to face reality. When they go to bed, they end up putting the challenges of the day and focus on imaginations that they reveal to their friends as visions and how their god was talking to them revealing so much more to them than what their reasoning capacity can handle.  Instead of waiting for the promise of Heaven, religious people strive to cheat and enslave others so that they can get rich and enjoy this promised Heaven on earth.  In other words: unregulated capitalism vs socialism.

The fact that Mangarita (who used to accommodate me for free) came in my minds after years of being with no connection proves how tired am getting with struggle and now I just want anything to happen out of nothing--call them (miracles). When we look closely at people with these religious visions, we would be surprised to know how deeply they are struggling, with their lives full of wishful thinking that cannot solve any problem in reality.

I saw Mangarita standing up to go and bring the title of the property to me, and when I woke up, she wasn’t there. I immediately started exploring all my brain corners, why have I visioned her? I have lost so many of my great friends to early death, but why are they not coming in my visions as I sleep? The answer is, they were poor like me by the time they died, so no way they could have influenced my life.  That’s why my brains cannot flashback to them during the tough times.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Africa, the only continent where children becomes ATM machines automatically.

We have talked so much on the issues of marriage and its purpose, Overpopulation, abortion, Street Children, infant mortality, religious roles in our societies, Homosexual rights and freedoms. Am sure every one of us has divergent opinions on the above mentioned issues. Am passionate about them all and I have at one point addressed them on this blog, my face book page or through main stream media houses. I have also participated in live debates about the mentioned issues. I must proudly say, that despite of all the great isolation am facing from my family, society and community where I live, I am not going to bow down on religious manipulation, blackmail and intimidation. My enemies also branded me as gay but that’s still fine provided anyone doesn’t intentionally try to end my life violently.

Am about to hit the middle of my lifespan and I have no children.  Am not married either. Several people, are asking me many questions about why am not married, why I have no kids. Some people even go ahead and advise me that, even if am not married, it should be advisable to have at least a kid. It’s true there are worries expressed in the voices of these people while talking to me. Old and young, women and men, girls and boys all try to tell me to have a kid even if am not married. But WHY?
What is it that they fear? Ask no more, these people are superstitious and their brains are infected by God viruses that incapacitated them to reason. Some people have told me that they are creating children because they were too created by somebody, so they must procreate. Others do create kids because it’s their religious call to create children. Religions need more people to manipulate and exploit. That’s nice to note but do our world need over-populated Nations today with slums overtaking our city neighborhoods?  Do we really need more people when what used to be protected wetlands and forests are rapidly disappearing?

Long ago and throughout several centuries to year 2000, Africa had deadly challenges from poverty, famine, slavery, wars and diseases like malaria, measles, and whooping cough, Tetanus, names it all. Until year 2000, Africa remained the only place where most diseases get their start in life. The continent acted as a kind of development academy for virulent infections. They used to practice wiping out entire community before venturing out to the rest of the World. Even old favorites like anthrax and smallpox eradicated everywhere else in the World but kept coming back and claim lives in African Nations.

Most of the above deadly disease targeted children. There were no vaccinations and healthy facilities to treat them. This laid a foundation for African families to create more children with hope that if one deadly disease strikes a family, it will claim some children and some will remain. Families used to send these children on battles, with hope that some will be killed in the war and some will remain. In others ways, Children were seen as the source of wealthy and strong families. This kind of nonsense fueled families to expand and grow bigger up to between 20 children to 100 or more.
Thankfully, we now have vaccinations and Children are no longer dying like they used too, but the fertility rate remains high across Africa, resulting in overpopulation.  Hence, we are seeing more street children on our cities than ever before and they surely need our support.  Instead of us creating our own kids, we should adopt them and give them a good and healthy home. We also have new emerging technologies that can be used to fight any war without sending human resource to battle frontlines of any conflict.
Uganda and African continent in general are already suffering from poverty, with malnourished children across its borders.  We need to achieve population stability as soon as possible. We must all stand up and request Governments of Africa to enact population stabilisation policies that will limit families to create not more than 4 children per family unit. We must encourage our scientists to develop men’s reproductive pills. So that when one does not need a kid, he takes a pill to take a day.

As recently as two decades there was land for families to cultivate; today we have homeless people with no hope of ever owning even a smallest particle of land. There are an estimated 100 million children living in the streets in the world today. Who will be responsible for them if we all procreate?

People in Africa are superstitious and they connected this to their children too. When a man of my age died without creating a kid, his body wasn’t allowed to pass through the main door of his or family house, instead they formed a hole behind the house walls and made the childless body go through that hole and on to the graveyard.  This action created fear in younger men and women, as a result, they felt like creating kids was a role they must accomplish  to be appreciated and respected by society.

Childless people were treated as curses to both family and clans and their last funeral rites where not allowed to be celebrated according to normal customs and beliefs. Even today, this is still very common in African communities from Cape Town to Cairo and from Mombasa to Accra Ghana. That’s why everybody is worried about my not having children. They fear that no one will inherit me and that my body will be inhumanly treated if I happen to die without a kid of my own. To make things worse, if I happen to run for any public office now, no one will vote me.

All these fears in people made me ask myself the purpose of creating kids.  In today's state of overpopulation, is it even moral to have a child?  I have asked these questions of a number of people and a good number of them fear mostly three factors. No one will inherit my property if I have no kids; my property will be taken by other family and clan members.  No one will care for me when am ageing and most importantly, they fear for their bodies to be mistreated after death.  But do these ideas justify a family creating more than two children? Do these fears give a green light for a man to create ten kids and marry more than one woman?

I think its being myopic to think that when you create several kids, you have insured your old age security and that these children will take care of you. I know many families that created a good number of kids 30+ Children and now they live in destitution. Creating many children and you fail to provide good education and health won’t turn them into ATM machines for their parents when they grow up.  Instead they will be a burden to a Nation which cannot even manage on its own budget. I agree that, children can be your security, but that happens only when you have invested in them as well.

I lose nothing if I die and a stranger take possession of whatever I have, and surely I gain nothing if my biological child inherits me and take possession of whatever I have. I lose nothing if people create a hole in my house wall and pass my dead body through. -- I will be dead. I will not know that. And even if I get to know it, it doesn’t create any impact on me be it positive or negative. Just stop demanding me to create children.  Am contented with life exclusive of children and this is not something that can create sleepless nights for me.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Religious People must reconsider facts of the books they believe in and entrust to be God’s words.

Hey friends, am back on blogging. Surely face book dominated the
internet and somehow made it harder to write a blog post. I missed you
and I missed my blog. I hope this time I will last longer. Enjoy
reading my new posts.

On Apr 04, 2012, the New Vision published this story and all us saw it
on TV. My problem is not what the Catholic Church did, even though I
have a strong desire to criticise the action itself. My real problem is
the feedback from communities nationwide and the media. The message on
the streets of Kampala and in the most media print was that “the
heart,body,kidney and  brains” of the dead people were still warm and
active after 26 years in graveyard. Honestly speaking, this story
didn’t override me and I didn’t take much time thinking about it for I
know how superstition people are in Uganda.

As a result, the Catholic Church, came up immediately to warn the
public and the media about uttering anything they have no clue and
knowledge about. He repeated the same message that “parts of the body
were intact yet dry” .This means, the bodies were NOT warm and not

Today we are seeing more taxis carrying Nsobya's photographs as a sign
of high veneration to him by Ugandans.Where are we heading as a Nation?

The morning this article became public, I walked around my village, several people were
talking about this developing event in Uganda and again, they were
 saying, as thought it were fact, that the bodies’ parts were warm and active.

What ran into my minds after hearing them was that, do these people follow
news? Did they really listen to the Catholic clerics? Failure to get
answers lead to asking myself a bigger question. “If people today can
misquote the church,inter-change what someone said, how possible could
this have been the same with the Qur'an and the Bible whose writers
wrote from imaginations?

Think about this, the gospel writers Mark,Matthew,Luke and John were
all around Jesus 24/7 but we continuously read about their unmatching
accounts of Jesus’ deeds. This means that chances are very higher that
they wrote false information about Jesus even if we may presume that
indeed Jesus lived sometime back on this planet.
From my observation of what’s happening now, its now time to
reconsider and critically examine if what was wrote in the gospels
about Jesus was indeed true.

Monday, April 09, 2012

My Analysis Dr. Scott Lively's document on SMUG

Below  is a document written by Dr. Scott Lively in response to SMUG.In read writings, are my observations.


My Analysis of the SMUG Lawsuit
perspective: pro-family
from the 'Legal Issues' topic

Source: In House
Author: Dr. Scott Lively
SMUG is attempting to leverage a small catalogue of misrepresented and out-of-context comments by me, the independent actions of a few Ugandan leaders regarding their own national public policy, and a tiny handful of relatively minor incidents of “persecution,” into Crimes Against Humanity, the most serious category of crimes in the world.

On March 23, 2012 I was served with a summons on a civil complaint for Crimes Against Humanity of Persecution, filed in Federal District Court in Springfield, MA on behalf of Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) by the Center for Constitutional Rights, which receives some of its funding from George Soros. The plaintiffs have used the Alien Tort Statute, arguing foreigners should be allowed to sue U.S. citizens in America for alleged violations of international law.

What is the alleged violation of international law? Incredibly, the complaint alleges “Crimes Against Humanity of Persecution,” claiming that my speech on homosexuality and pornography resulted in a conspiracy to persecute homosexuals. This is outrageous!

Talk about lies!  Scott Lively makes his money on lies!  What SMUG is accusing Lively of is TRUE.
Lively writes: 'The suit leaves out my unequivocal statements where I have repeatedly spoken against the capital punishment provision in the proposed legislation.'   What Lively did was to tell Africans that homosexuals are a threat to their families KNOWING that that would stir up red-hot hatred for gay people and KNOWING that this so quickly spills into extreme reactions.  It's already too late to say that he is opposed to capital punishment. 

We don't know what he told David Bahati and other sponsors of the Bill.  And maybe, after hearing Lively's rant and rage against LGBT people, Lively knew that with homosexuality already being illegal, that it would be just a small step to say that the sexual promiscuity of gay males leads to death through the spread of HIV, and what good is it to lock them up in prison to spread HIV to other prisoners, that the only solution is capital punishment for these HIV-positive gay men.  Again, we don't know what was said in private.  But once Lively is back in USA he can play the self-righteous/innocent card by speaking against capital punishment since in the Bahati Bill.  NEVER trust a Christian! 

I think this lawsuit is quite appropriate and I hope it's won, and I hope that Scott Lively has to both pay out millions of usd and spend time in prison--no less than 15 years.  This would send a signal to other Christian evangelicals about their hate speech.


With full knowledge that these are bald-faced lies, SMUG asserts that 1) I masterminded the 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, which they call the “Kill the Gays Bill,” 2) inflamed passions against homosexuals in Uganda by characterizing all homosexuals as irredeemable genocidal child molesters, and 3) introduced to Uganda the heretofore unknown strategy of criminalizing public promotion of homosexuality as a means of opposing the rise of a homosexual movement in Uganda. The proof that these are lies is found in the very same documents they misuse against me.

Their chief “evidence” for a conspiracy is that 1) I allegedly had communications with Ugandan activists and government officials and disseminated copies of my books and other writings in Uganda, 2) that these individuals introduced capital punishment for homosexuals in Uganda by producing and lobbying for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and 3) they launched a campaign of public vilification of homosexuals that supposedly would not have occurred had I not inspired and directed them to do so. The suit leaves out my unequivocal statements where I have repeatedly spoken against the capital punishment provision in the proposed legislation. But, neither SMUG nor the Center for Constitutional Rights are interested in the truth.

This alleged conspiracy is simply absurd, implying that my speech and writings about homosexuality overpowered the intelligence and independence of the entire government and population of Uganda, bending them to my supposedly nefarious will. It is a breathtakingly insulting and racist premise. It is factually bankrupt as well, as is proven (once again) by the very documents which the plaintiffs have relied upon for their complaint.

Their evidence that this “conspiracy” resulted in Crimes Against Humanity of Persecution is, in total,

1) the 2011 murder of SMUG leader David Kato (whose confessed killer was NOT an enraged “homophobe,” but Kato‘s live-in male prostitute/lover now serving 30 years in prison for the crime, an important fact they intentionally leave out),

Here, Scott Lively may be correct. You can ask privately my report on Kato's death. I did individually investigated it.

2) the 2012 disruption of a two week conference (on its final day) by police who called the 30 or so of them “terrorists,” none of whom were arrested or detained,

3) the 2008 arrest and brief detention of three activists protesting an AIDS conference against whom no charges were filed,

4) the 2005 arrest of a transsexual who was stripped and fondled by police officers (but who subsequently won a tort suit against the police in a Ugandan court),

5) an alleged nationwide government campaign to “crack down” on homosexual advocacy, resulting in the temporary suspension of one radio station manager by the Ugandan Broadcasting Council (for violation of “minimum broadcast standards” based on the reportedly foul language of a lesbian guest of a talk show),

#5 It is always important: keeping a civil tongue at all times when on TV or radio.But on this one,Scot is wrong.I was personally in the studio on Radio Simba and we never at any occasion used a foul language.

6) the “outing” of numerous allegedly homosexual activists by various Ugandan individuals and newspapers (similar to what “gay“ and leftist media and activists do to their enemies here in the US), and

#6--Lively wasn't 'outed' by gays.  Lively outed himself with his coast-to-coast hate speeches.

7) the self-claimed “flight” from Uganda of the SMUG Executive Director and spokesperson Robert Mugisha, now presumably comfortably remunerated by one or more Soros-funded NGOs.

This list of so-called “Crimes Against Humanity” is so weak that it smacks of mockery of the very real suffering that true victims of such crimes now face around the world.

SMUG is attempting to leverage a small catalogue of misrepresented and out-of-context comments by me, the independent actions of a few Ugandan leaders regarding their own national public policy, and a tiny handful of relatively minor incidents of “persecution,” into Crimes Against Humanity, the most serious category of crimes in the world.

Had SMUG filed this action in Uganda under Ugandan law, there would be no case. Had SMUG filed this action in the United States alleging violation of U.S. law, there would be no case. Realizing this problem, SMUG has tried to concoct an alleged violation of international law, which is absurd. SMUG would pervert our US Federal Courts into the modern equivalent of a Nuremburg Nazi War Trial.

Why would SMUG and the Center for Constitutional Rights go to such lengths in their attempt to punish one minor American pastor? They want to silence me and anyone who speaks about the Bible or morality which does not agree with their agenda. Mindful of James 4:6, I pray for continued grace to counter these SMUG deceivers with humility and resolve.

The Bible itself, especially the OT, is hate speech. When anyone quotes Leviticus where God condemns gay men who should be stoned to death--that is hate speech, which is illegal.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Passover: A Critical Examination

Passover: A Critical Examination
By John D. Stone

Passover is something we have all heard mentioned throughout our lives, but what exactly is it? What happened? To whom? By whom? When? We know the Passover story which is written in the bible, but did these events really happen ― is there historical proof? Was it real or just another of the bible's fictitious tales?
In light of all the stories, observances, rituals etc., it is time for a critical examination of Passover, one that is not filtered by religious bias. It is time to answer these questions.
What is the Passover which the Jews celebrate; where is it found in the bible?
Exodus 12:14
"And this day shall be for you as a memorial, and you shall celebrate it as a festival for the Lord; throughout your generations, you shall celebrate it as an everlasting statute."  (Jewish Bible: Judacia Press)
 "And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the Lord throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever." (Christian Bible: King James Version, 1611)
What does the Passover celebrate?
In Judaism, Passover glorifies the Hebrew God's ― the Invisible Man in the Sky/Space God ― wanton MURDER of babies, children, women, men and animals too:
Beast: animal: creature: a living organism characterized by voluntary movement. Therefore according to the passover Jewish biblical tale ― the Invisible Man in the Sky also deliberately MURDERED innocent dogs, cats, mice, cows, camels, sheep, goats; anything that moved!
Where is this found in the bible?
Exodus 12:12
" I will pass through the land of Egypt on this night, and I will smite every firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast, and upon all the gods of Egypt will I wreak judgments I, the Lord." (Judacia Press)
"For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD." (King James Version)
"Firstborn," what does this mean?1
Theologians maintain it is a metaphor to designate the first male child in a family. Oh really, well what does that really mean, consequently? For example, a firstborn male grows up, has a family with his firstborn male child, who also has his firstborn male child. Thus we have three generations of firstborn living ― grandfather, son, grandson ― a common occurrence. Therefore, when the Invisible Man in the Sky killed every firstborn, he would have killed them all, one from each generation; grandfather, son, grandson. Three strikes and they are out!
How do we know that firstborn does not really mean FIRST born which would include girls/women too? Seems like the creator of the universe forgot to tell us what (s)he/it really meant. Unfortunately, the bible does not gives us any details of the bloody aftermath to clarify this ambiguous noun.
The preeminent Jewish biblical commentator Rashi, Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (1040-1105 CE) wrote that their god's killing of "firstborn" was not even limited to only Egypt:
"Even other firstborn who are in Egypt [will die]. Now how do we know that even the firstborn of the Egyptians who are in other places [will die]? Therefore, Scripture states: 'To Him Who smote the Egyptians with their firstborn' (Ps. 136:10). — [from Mechilta]"
How many people were in Egypt at this time ― the population against which the Invisible Man in the Sky would have waged his bloody cruel slaughter? Would the Space God have killed just a few or what?
"... the population of the whole Nile Delta in the second half of the second millennium BCE has been estimated at c. 1.2 million persons, living from c. 13,000 square km of cultivable land (see K. W. Butzer, Early Hydraulic Civilization of Egypt: A Study in Cultural Ecology [Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 1976]: 83, 93-96).
Therefore, if one studies the real-world implications of this Hebrew bible tale, the human death toll, assuming an average family of five, could easily total 240,000 with only first born "males." Blood would have run ankle deep in the streets and fields; all happening in a matter of hours ― "this night."  
" ... there was a great outcry in Egypt, for there was no house in which no one was dead." (Exodus 12:30 Judaica Press)
When the rotting carcasses of beasts are added into this Hebrew tale's death concoction, death's stench and disease would have created unsanitary conditions beyond our wildest imagination.  Hundreds of thousands more would have died from these unlivable conditions and resulting diseases.
To put this tale in some perspective, consider that the first atomic bomb ― "Little Boy" ― which was dropped from the Enola Gay on the Japanese city of Hiroshima (August 6, 1945 at 0815 local time) killed far less than the Invisible Man in the Sky did that one night in Egypt. Official Japanese figures at the time put the death toll at 118,661 civilians. Later estimates suggest the final toll was about 140,000, of Hiroshima's population, including military personnel and those who died later from radiation.
The Death-Toll Scoreboard:
    God ― Invisible Man in the Sky ― 240,000 +
Man ― Atomic Bomb ― 140,000
Since this Passover slaughter house story is the Hebrew's own tale and their god, of course they come out on top:
"...the Lord ... will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you." (Exodus 12:23)
The destroyer? Just 10 verses earlier in the bible, it was written "I, the Lord" who "will smite every firstborn." What! Did the Space God put these hits out on contract? Was it too much for (s)he/it? Was (s)he/it too busy checking for turds2 to be bothered with all the MURDERS? WTF!
Was this Passover story real or just another of the bible's fictitious tales?
The Passover tale is an invention of the Hebrew Bible, specifically the book of Exodus, which the Hebrews claimed was given to their Moses character in 1312 BCE (Gregorian calendar). The Jewish religion later went even further in this delusion ― extra-biblical ― to assign a specific day to the Space God's slaughter:
"At the stroke of midnight of Nissan 15 of the year 2448 from creation ... 210 years after Jacob settled in Egypt ... God visited the last of the ten plagues on the Egyptians, killing all their firstborn."3
What was the bottom line? After all the murders what happened?
According to the Jewish extra-biblical story line, it was:
"Pharaoh's resistance to free them was broken, and he virtually chased his former slaves out of the land. Several million souls ― 600,000 adult males, plus the woman and children, and a large "mixed multitude" of non-Hebrews who joined them  left Egypt on that day, and began the 50-day trek to Sinai and their birth as God's chosen people."4
Did you catch that sleight of hand? There were only c1.2 million people in all of Egypt, but the biblical tales says there were several million Hebrew slaves plus a multitude of non-Hebrews who left Egypt? As Homer Simpson would say, "Dohhh!" To add insult to injury the Hebrews "took from the Egyptians silver objects, golden objects, and garments." 5 This is simply pillage and plunder, something forbidden to civilized people. Attila the Hun employed the same tactics as the Hebrews in this tale; maybe this is where he learned his trade.
But the Space God was not through fucking with the Egyptians; he had a thirst for much more blood. The bible story unfolds thusly in Exodus 14:1-28:
The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, ... I will harden Pharaoh's heart, and he will pursue them, and I will be glorified through Pharaoh and through his entire force... [Pharaoh] harnessed his chariot, and ... took six hundred select chariots and all the chariots of Egypt, with officers over them all...   
... Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, ... chased after the children of Israel ... and overtook them encamped by the sea... Pharaoh drew near,
The Lord said to Moses... you raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea and split it, and the children of Israel shall come in the midst of the sea on dry land...
The Egyptians pursued and came after them all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his horsemen, into the midst of the sea... So Moses stretched out his ... the sea returned to its strength, as the Egyptians were fleeing toward it, and the Lord stirred the Egyptians into the sea.   
And the waters returned and covered the chariots and the horsemen, the entire force of Pharaoh coming after them into the sea; not even one of them survived.
Let's do some math:
1,200,000  total human population of Egypt
   240,000 firstborn killed (minimum)
2,000,000 million Hebrew slaves escaped
undefined multitude of non-Hebrews
Remaining human beings in Egypt:
(–1,040,000)??? Again, as Homer Simpson would say, "Dohhh!"
What happened with the plagues prior to the MURDERS?
Compared to the bloody mass murder climax address above, the prior plagues were nothing to speak of; frogs, lice, dust, locust, famine and darkness (Exodus 9-10)
However, the Invisible Man in the Sky/Space God did manage to get in some animal cruelty acts and a few MURDERS too:
Boils and blisters "upon man and upon beast" (Exodus 9:10)
Hail, but this hail kills  "...any man or beast that is found in the field and not brought into the house the hail shall fall on them, and they will die." (Exodus 9:19)
What did the Hebrew people learn after being enslaved in Egypt?
According to the bible story, the Hebrews were in slavery for 430 years.5 One would think that after four centuries as slaves they would abhor slavery, but NOOOOOOOOO! The Invisible Man in the Sky included detailed slavery instructions in the Hebrew laws written by Moses (Torah, the first five book in the Hebrew bible). There were detailed rules for Hebrew slave management and even more shitty laws for non-Hebrew (gentile) slaves. Everything a Hebrew wanted to know about getting a gentile slave was right there in his bible ― "his" because women had no property rights.
Leviticus 25 (Judacia Press)
44. Your male slave or female slave whom you may have from the nations that are around you, from them you may acquire a male slave or a female slave.
45. And also from the children of the residents that live among you, from them you may acquire [slaves] and from their family that is with you whom they begot in your land, and they shall become your inheritance.
46. You shall hold onto them as an inheritance for your children after you, as acquired property, and may thus have them serve you forever. But as for your brethren, the children of Israel, a man shall not work his brother with rigor.
How could the Hebrew people learn to be civilized when they chose to follow idiotic writings by psychotic primitive men who attributed their own blood thirst to a Space God  Invisible Man in the Sky; such as in Deuteronomy 20: 10-17
"When you approach a city to wage war against it ... your God, will deliver it into your hands, and you shall strike all its males with the edge of the sword.  
... the women, the children, and the livestock, and all that is in the city, all its spoils you shall take for yourself...
... of these peoples' cities, which the Lord, your God, gives you as an inheritance, you shall not allow any soul to live...you shall utterly destroy them."(Judacia Press)
Thankfully, this wanton blood thirst and slavery was eventually stopped by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great who made new laws controlling the Jews. Constantine forbade them to own Christian" slaves.6
Come on now, one more time, did these events really happen? The Jews swear it was real ― they "believe."
The primitive Hebrews were sold a bill of goods with the Exodus story, just like with the six-day creation of the universe; a walking talking snake; human turned to salt; food falling from the sky; sticks turning into snakes; giant fish walking on dry land; donkeys talking; rabbits having a cud; and a man flying up in the sky in a horse drawn chariot. It is all fiction, tall tales, damnable lies!
The Passover horror story is sold as some sort of national glory:
"The Jew is commanded to 'Remember the day that you went out of Egypt every day of your life' (Deuteronomy 16:3). According to the Maharal, the purpose of the Exodus was not merely the liberation of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery, but the creation of a new type of person, the Free Man; because of the Exodus, even if subsequently conquered and oppressed, the Jew remains inherently free." 7
You now know this "new type of person " was, according to the Hebrews' own holy scriptures from their Invisible Man in the Sky, a blood thirsty murderer who pillaged and plundered; a thief of women and children from the nations and a slave owner.
Even today the Jewish rabbis attempt to sell this Exodus horror to "believers" along the lines of; "Hey it is such a tall tale, it has to be real. Orthodox Rabbi Tzvi Freeman's sales pitch is thus:
"I'll challenge anyone to find any people in the world anywhere at any time ― Inuits or Indonesians, Norse mythology or Navaho legends, Greeks or Germans ― that has a story anything similar to this. People tell plenty of wondrous fanciful legends. There are nations descended from gods, from angels, from fish and from eagles. Even from apes(!). There are people that got to where they are with the help of bears or dragons, magical boats or great volcanoes. But tell me another people who tell their children, "We were slaves to a terrible tyrant in a powerful land, and our God, Master of the Entire Universe, took us out from there with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm...
Perhaps that's the greatest proof that it really must have happened ― because nobody could have made up such a story." 8
This sales pitch is even better than the Mormon's claim that their Space God was once a man9 who lived near the planet "Kolob." 10
John Tiffany, an ex-minister, writes:
Researchers are weighing the accuracy of the reigns of King Solomon and King David against archaeological and scientific data just recently discovered. These scholars are coming up with some very interesting conclusions.
Many Christian religious scholars, such as noted author Thomas L. Thompson, think the history of Palestine and its peoples is very different from Old Testament narratives, regardless of political claims. A history of the region during the Iron I and Iron II periods leaves little room for any historicity in the accounts of the books of Samuel and Kings, critics say ...
Unknown to almost all laymen, a huge number of scholars have quietly come together agreeing on a historical fact that will overturn the entirety of “court history” when all the facts they have gathered become widely known.
They agree that the various tales of “ancient Israel” are largely fictional. Based upon the known facts of geography, history, archaeology and even biblical scholarship, many of them argue there was no such entity as “ancient Israel”—that it never existed.11
Bill Maher put things into proper perspective:
"Why is monotheistic faith better than polytheistic? I mean, either you believe ― if you believe in, like, a magic person who can do magic things, why is it different ― so different if it's Superman or the Fantastic Four?
The problem is that the people with the most ridiculous ideas are always the people who are most certain of them."
Don't remain a religiholic! Think! Think critically and independently! See these biblical tall tales for what they really are ― damnable fiction, not what some theologian or rabbi wants you to "believe."
"With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." —Steven Weinberg (1933-), quoted in The New York Times, April 20, 1999.

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