Thursday, April 26, 2012

Religious People must reconsider facts of the books they believe in and entrust to be God’s words.

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On Apr 04, 2012, the New Vision published this story and all us saw it
on TV. My problem is not what the Catholic Church did, even though I
have a strong desire to criticise the action itself. My real problem is
the feedback from communities nationwide and the media. The message on
the streets of Kampala and in the most media print was that “the
heart,body,kidney and  brains” of the dead people were still warm and
active after 26 years in graveyard. Honestly speaking, this story
didn’t override me and I didn’t take much time thinking about it for I
know how superstition people are in Uganda.

As a result, the Catholic Church, came up immediately to warn the
public and the media about uttering anything they have no clue and
knowledge about. He repeated the same message that “parts of the body
were intact yet dry” .This means, the bodies were NOT warm and not

Today we are seeing more taxis carrying Nsobya's photographs as a sign
of high veneration to him by Ugandans.Where are we heading as a Nation?

The morning this article became public, I walked around my village, several people were
talking about this developing event in Uganda and again, they were
 saying, as thought it were fact, that the bodies’ parts were warm and active.

What ran into my minds after hearing them was that, do these people follow
news? Did they really listen to the Catholic clerics? Failure to get
answers lead to asking myself a bigger question. “If people today can
misquote the church,inter-change what someone said, how possible could
this have been the same with the Qur'an and the Bible whose writers
wrote from imaginations?

Think about this, the gospel writers Mark,Matthew,Luke and John were
all around Jesus 24/7 but we continuously read about their unmatching
accounts of Jesus’ deeds. This means that chances are very higher that
they wrote false information about Jesus even if we may presume that
indeed Jesus lived sometime back on this planet.
From my observation of what’s happening now, its now time to
reconsider and critically examine if what was wrote in the gospels
about Jesus was indeed true.

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