Monday, April 12, 2010


You must have been a lucky person if your business ended the previous week and you are still going strong. especially when you are a journalist working in Somalia. Unlike you, the BBC was put off-air by Somali Islamic militants, which I personally refer to as “religious terrorists”. BBC is being accused of promoting the Western agenda which the militants call colonialism and an enemy of the Islamic religion. BBC denies the accusations. see
BBC was a strong reliable source of information for both Somalis in Somalia and rest of the world. Now it's off. This is an indication of more dark days ahead for those ones who are still in that war-torn country, the militants will enjoy their most favoured game of brutality against innocent people and Allah will be the happiest invisible super being where he/she is. Yes Allah enjoys what the religious terrorists are doing.

I don't support Ugandan and other African troops being in Somalia. I opposed it and am still saying, African Governments should withdraw our troops as soon as possible and let the Somalis die…..they should be allowed to kill themselves until when their shit Allah comes to his/her senses to tell them to stop since they are doing brutality for him/her (I don't know if moslems regard Allah a woman or a man).

These religious terrorists are killing each other for only one reason. They want to be in VIP lounge in the presence of their shit (Allah) who is himself/herself a criminal. No one gets to Allah without facing death, then why do we care about them? Why do Somalis fight? These people have one religion (Islam).They speak one language. They are almost all related and it's like they all share one DNA. If it was not for the dream lifestyles and rewards of eternity from Allah, they wouldn't be slaughtering themselves. This is a grand display of mass mental illness. We see the same thing in other religious cults where a sick leader leads his followers to their deaths. You recall Kanungu massacre in Rukungiri district of Western Uganda where almost 1500 people perished and then the monster Joseph Kony of Northern Uganda.

They claim that “they want to arrange sharia system of governance” in Somalia, the current President had made it clear and accepted to off sharia arrangements. He was a fighter himself before coming to his senses, then the militants accuse him of being “influenced by western countries mostly USA and EU." We must not also forget to ask ourselves more questions.

1. Why (OIC) Organisation of Islamic Countries are keeping quiet on Somalia? They should be the one talking to the terrorists since they read the same book (Qur'an).

2. Why do Somalis seek asylum and refugee from countries that are full infidels (as they refer to non-moslems)? Why don't they simply run to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Yemen, Indonesia, UAE and many Islamic territories?

3. Why do we really need to care about these people? They deserve the suffering since it's through it that Allah will reward them favorably? Its true that they are our fellow human beings. But if we interfere, as the U.S and Uganda. tried to do, we will be severely punished. The only thing left to do is to watch them slaughter each other. It would also help to spread a culture of science and rational thinking in other countries.

4. Why are Ugandan and African troops in Somalia? Why do our brothers die in Somalia? If they went there for our own safety, why don't we simply strengthen our borders and deploy all our Somali based troops on our borders?

5. Don't you think that African Governments are sending our troops to Somalia because they are yielding lots of money on the cost of our troops? If you keenly look at the troops in Somalia, how many men and women are from the President's family? How many of them are related to the Vice-President, Speaker of Parliament, Prime-Minister and many political elites of our Country? The answer to this question is NONE, so why should the ordinary, hopeless, innocent Ugandan troops die in a war they never initiated which is thousands of miles away from home

6. Who funds the Islamic terrorists? How can a Somali Government fail to take control of the nation with almost every resource needed is on its display backed up with foreign troops?

7. Is it because Somali regime is making some money too as a result of this life-taking mission lead by their highest chief of military (Allah)

8. Both Islamic terrorists and the regime in Mogadishu claim that “Allah” is on their side, why can't this invisible imaginary friend in the sky create peace among them? Haven't I heard that he/she is too passionate and merciful? Why can't he/she care about the pregnant women and Children?

Whenever we (the rest of the world) provide shelter to the fleeing Somalis, we act as if we don't want them to be happy for eternity. Since eternity is paradise and real by their understanding, we shouldn't open our borders for them. Let them kill themselves…… Let them kill themselves… .... Let them kill themselves for there's no one who can enter eternity without death. They deserve it since they are respecting their invisible and imaginary friend somewhere in the sky.

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