Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What should we consider as morals?

I have been seeing more of our detracting behaviors in our society. People are changing the way they behave within public places. I have heard moral and religious fanatics put the blame on TV stations mostly referring to foreign proggrammes aired almost in all African continent, they blame western influence and honestly I don’t know why one would blame USA, Canada, European states for the rotting society, they even go ahead and blame the internet itself without critically examining their invalid criticism. I say that because there’s no internet in Ugandan remotest areas, they don’t even own a TV set yet you still find the same behaviors that I consider to be out of place in society gatherings.

I personally don’t know who is the overseer of society morals and who is responsible for re-enforcing morals against immorality. But there are things that people do in public place which makes me feel uneasy and one of them is tooth picking, blowing your nose ( worse still with no hand kerchief)  heavy open sneezing, spitting, urinating on the side walks and making our streets public toilets, letting wastes run directly from parameter walls to the nearby neighborhoods, the open street dumping which has made almost all townships in Uganda and Kampala a dumping site and honestly this is very common in Uganda and mostly done by all people, women and men, younger and old, educated and those who never attended school. So should we go ahead and blame the internet, Western Countries for that too?

You have seen passengers in taxis extending the arms behind the seats. They let their armpits out its smell, mostly the smell is not fresh and good, I have observed the armpits always dirt. You have seen women who put on trousers, this is okay but why do you put on a blouse that cannot cover the whole of your wastes, they let their knickers out on public display, this puts me off. You have seen men, those who think that they are putting on “balance” as a dressing code and make their trousers as if holding pupu inside and making their underwear out in public areas.

 Its only in Uganda where you find parents presenting their children to NGOs as orphans seeking free donations and these parents even train their kids to lie, and tell you what, these are religious people since 99% of Ugandans have deities . So it puzzles me to hear President Museveni saying that he will give powers to Institutionalized religions to implement Government programmes because he thinks religious people are not corrupt something I personally don’t agree with.

This morning I boarded a taxi from Nakulabye through Makerere Hill road to Wandegeya and then to township (I don’t feel like calling Kampala a city, it lacks whatever it takes to be a city). This 40+ year old driver, whom I met in the taxi and sat within it for the 40 minutes as he waits passengers, was tooth picking, I watched with anxiety with hope that he will be through with that within minutes. I felt irritated and since I was next to him, I put off that ugly squarely face but the dude wasn’t willing to read my facial expressions. I usually use my face to communicate to someone who is irritating but Ugandans have forgotten to read faces or they simply don’t mind at all? The guy tooth picked for the next two hours that we spent in the car, thought the heavy traffic jams and may be he was just telling the passengers that look, I did have lunch, have you had yours? Whatever he wanted to communicate, it just didn’t represent a modern and well behaved man in our society.

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