Thursday, April 08, 2010

Are you Intelligent, Brave and Smart? How do you know?

Am I out of things that I should be writing out? The answer is NO. I presume that many of my readers will question themselves using the same question I have used to find answers why I have particularly, chosen to ask if anyone is intellectual and smart or you can add on brave?

Many people in Kampala pretend to be that. But how do we know that some one is smarter, intellectual or wise? Should we judge them by the way they put on, speak, eat in public places, the hair style the put on, the lotion they apply? The list is endless but the question remains, how do we know that someone is smart, intellectual, or I must say “well brought up”?

From my observation, I tend to judge people mostly from two factors. I don’t judge them from their quality and quantity of their education, I judge people mostly from the way they behave in a public place, be it a bar, restaurant, club or even on the public road. I also use the capacity of reasoning to judge someone’s ability to be intelligent. I know that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but hey what about the content of the book?

Just like me, am sure you have spotted these people in restaurants, bars, Internet caf├ęs, and taxis and most recently on public roads. I mean these people who buy magazines and walk as they read. Haven’t you seen any previously? Well do ask me, I will tell the roads on which you will find them. Yesterday I met one in a public restaurant which displays all its tables on the verandah with hot sunshine hitting the top but this which was busy reading yet she couldn’t see, she squeezed her eyes to prevent the sunshine from damging her eyes but still insisted to hold on the book simply to make show of herself that everyone can notice that she is brave to be reading a novel.

This same evening, as I was heading home, minutes after I jumped on a taxi, I found a big, black woman who bought her samosas and Nsenene (seasonal paratable green grasshoppers mostly favored by Ugandans) and she was busy speaking to he long known conductor as she chew, and she couldn’t care how other passengers are irritated by the piglet voice (same as that one produced by pigs while eating) she was producing? I almost vomited because of what she was doing.

You have visited public and private toilets once and you find a homestead, whose toilet is only used by the family members but has all shit spread on the walls. And you question yourself who is responsible? You have seen the flashing toilets in hotels and other eating places, instead of people sitting on top and do their thing, they opt to stand on top with all their dirty shoes and worse still spit on the floors, these are things that trouble most of us and destroy our day, this same act also puts off the same person who does it simply because this time, he/she is not the one who did it?

Am sure you have seen people picking their nose with bare hands in public places, what do you think of them? What do you think of both taxi and street preachers who have walked another extra-mile by acquiring hand speakers to make their action of violating other people’s rights stronger? The list of things that put you and me off is endless, but I wanted to voice out on these ones first, you can simply add your list on mine, but most importantly, how do we make these people who do the things we hate to understand in a nice way, that next time, they reconsider before demonstrating how stupid they are. Hope you help me on this.

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