Sunday, April 18, 2010

Atheists are not your enemies, why do you hate us?

There’s no day that passes by without being attacked in all possible ways. Am being attacked and threatened on face book and in person, even on my phone! All this comes for two reasons. One is because am atheist and two is simply because I see life differently on many issues that the society believes are un-debatable.

Other’s attacking me simply because I never retreat from contributing to any debate. For a fact, I must also say there are those who salute what am doing and interestingly, they are the majority. I salute you guys too and you are always closer to my heart. Some haters even walked that extra mile to abuse those who think that I have a point that deserves some little attention, worse still, the haters find another route to hammer my head, this time by saying I speak bad English. Which is okay. Am NOT American or Briton. You continue your hate if you are one of them. For those who think that am pushing for another level of critical thinking, feel my presence wherever you may be. People like you make my day always special.

I have reviewed the horrors of the Roman Catholic Church, and the horrors of various cult religions which are spin-offs from majority religions. Here is yet another example of the horrors perpetrated by Moslems. See this and this link 

It's beyond the point where religionists and others can say "Oh, well, these are just exceptions. Religion promotes truth, social harmony, kindness and love."

Pretend you're a religionist. Try to dig up acts of cruelty and fraud that atheists perpetrate against children or society in general. Both of us read many articles from the news media every day and we have yet to find ONE article showing that atheists were behind cruelty.

I previously said that individual atheists, yes they must have committed serious crimes against humanity. But not as a group. As a group, atheists are never-endingly promoting human equality, rationality, and kindness. Atheists don't believe that suffering on earth helps one earn a front-seat in Heaven. That’s it.

You have a good sense of people and situations. Why anyone should be afraid of atheists? What have we done to hurt people? NOTHING

Religious people usually go back to Josef Stalin. I must point out that although he was an atheist, he was also an egomaniac, an ideologue, and a bully. Under the Soviet Union, there was no freedom of the press or even free speech. If you disagreed with the Soviet government, you were deemed to be mentally ill and thrown into a psychiatric institution--same thing as a prison.

Atheists, on the other hand, use the scientific method as our guide through life. And the scientific method demands total freedom of intellectual expression.

At present, you can see how Christians and other religious groups in many Countries want to do everything to prevent freedom of intellectual expression--which is why they want to forbid non-believers the right to assemble and talk with one another especially here in Africa.

My readers should now tell me what they think freedom is. Do religious people believe in human equality, or does they think that some people are superior to others. If the latter is true, Please explain how some people are inferior to others--and if you are aware of the struggle in all societies to overcome racial, sexual (gender) tribal oppression.

How much human talent has been suppressed--to the detriment of India--by the caste system where so-called Untouchables were forced to do menial labour instead of receiving equal educational benefits and to contribute as much as possible to their society?

Finally I say that Atheists and all other non religious groups are striving to uplift Uganda from the oppression of colonialist religions. AAU is pro-Uganda, is pro-Africa. Efforts to suppress AAU and other Free thought groups will only hurt Uganda and cause needless suffering among its people.

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