Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's 20th April 2010. It amazes me how days go fast and eventually the year comes to its end within fortnights. That wouldn't be so bad but it pains to see that while you are growing old and weaker as you grow, nothing much you have done for both yourself, your community and the entire Country or at least for those who are big enough to create an impact on many lives across the globe. It's sad indeed especially when you are in Africa where continuous efforts are needed in almost all sectors of life to make this Dark Continent a much better place for all its sons and daughters. Please get up and do your best to make lives better than well.

Last week, I posted a remark/comment/message on my face book wall which didn't go well with most of my online friends both local, regional and globally. These included religious and non-religious friends (not entirely atheists). They warned me with strong words and some also in boxed me with some harsh words. Am now learning to give these attacks a silent treatment for my personal reasons even though they deserved an answer. What worries me most is that all the comments I got--including those from non-religious people--contained a tone of fear for religious riots, mostly from Moslems. On several occasions, my non-religious friends met me in person and requested me NOT to hit Islam, for four reasons

1) Moslems will follow you and slaughter you.

2)The Government of Uganda will suppress non-religious people if you hit on Islam. I disagree with this because the government will not suppress non-religious people if we show the contradictions between Moslem claims and Moslem actions.

3) I not only put my life in danger but since we are few in Uganda, we can easily be tracked down and chances are high of linking my actions to their group and

4) My actions will lead Moslems riots across Africa.

There is some validity to these points, but why should we fear any religious sects or cults? To be honest, I want to say that most of the non-religious people I have known don't want to discuss or even associate with any group whether rational, free-thought or even in public administration affaires. Non-believers are down to Earth people, they enjoy laying back and enjoy their coffee, beers and wines. Therefore there must be a valid point why today we are seeing more atheists, skeptics, agnostics, free-thinkers and philosophers coming out boldly and strongly to claim and demand their share of freedom and peace across the World.

And it's this point that my critics miss. My critics are failing to point their guns where they deserve to be and it's right here and this place am I forgetting our Ugandan

Am not preaching neither am I here to convert people like you may think. I have lived my atheist life peacefully with no trouble until religionists started forcing their faith down my throat; mouth and nose. Now, I have no breathing space or any other option. Am treated as a sub-human by both the Government and society on a daily basis. Do you want me to keep silent on this?

Am tired. All newspapers, radio and TV stations, all Government offices and public places, residential areas, all streets, are all full of these religious campaigns. Not only that but they go ahead to raise their mega speakers to deafening sound, I cannot listen to my sweet melodies, I cannot sleep at all because they shout to their imaginary god in the sky who cannot hear them.

I must now tell those religionists and my fellow non-religious critics that before you tell me to tone down and clean my mouth, it's now time for you to lead and tell your favourites friends whom you don't want me to offend, to consider other people's rights, freedom and peace of mind when doing their faith in action.

I mean, it's your right to have faith and worship but on the cost of my rights, freedom and peace? NO, I say that until you start having guidelines on how you do your irrational veneration to please that dormant deity in the sky; don't expect me to stop hitting at you and your not available deity.

Finally to my faithful friends, please think more about the money you are giving away to those who lie to you--promising a Heaven after your are dead without giving you a real tour of this place before you die. From now onwards, do question why you pay someone to lie to you. Don't you have better things to do with you money?

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