Monday, February 01, 2010


Even before the earthquake of Haiti, 12th of January  2010, I questioned why churches were destroyed if they really housed a god.  This wasn't a question that I had for  myself, but one for the xtians and other diety worshippers  to answer.

I love architecture, whether it be of tall buildings, ornate houses, pagodas, bridges, churches, mosques--whatever.  But with mosques and churches, the believers claim that their god is watching over them because the god wants "his people" to go into them and sing praises to him/her.  So, why would an omnipotent god allow natural phenomena to destroy his temple?

    In this case, the  cathedrals  in Haiti would be a Prime house of worship that an omnipotent god would want to protect.  You and I understand the shifting and subduction of plate tectonics, but the religious don't understand.  In the Old Testament, there is the story of an angry god destroying the temple of David because he/she  wanted to punish the people of Israel, and I suppose the people of Haiti have taken upon themselves unnecessary guilt feelings about the destruction of their holy places. 

   After the United States is through giving Haitians food and clothing, they should also send in people who are knowledgeable about geology and plate tectonics and explain to them that a "god" had nothing to do with the destruction of their holy places. 

   So we'll see if the U.S. takes on that responsibility.   I've lost hope in Obama to do the right thing, however.

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