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Atheists visit cult leader continued....

This is the continuation of the atheist trip to a cult leader that I posted on this blog. Writing sometimes gets tougher when added with other schedules you have to meet in daily routine of life. This is why I advise those who are learning to write like me, not to be attempted to post any unfinished article, otherwise you may end in the direction which you happen not to like at all. This is one of the few unfinished conversations that I have ignored simply because my daily programme is tight. I hope you have a place in your beautiful heart not to judge me.

We gave Fatboy sometime to finish his daily morning show. I and the students chose to visit a coffee shop and this was Steers just across Entebbe road. We arrived at a junction, street lights crossing junction on Entebbe road, I was ahead of J and her friends. When I turned and looked behind, J was kissing S in front of the police and all the passengers in the taxi was looking on, I felt sorry for J, she walks like she is in Australia, I imagined her being arrested in my present, I really felt sorry for her. Uganda is a dangerous zone for both gays and lesbians. These students were in Uganda on a very critical debate of the ant-homosexuality bill 2009 currently in Uganda. All pass by people noticed the acts of J who also sensed the mood of the public and quickly ran and jumped on my back. She pretended to be very playful and cheerful gal. She was a brave lady, very smiling and beautiful, I couldn’t stop admiring her to be honest. Some women had got some exceptional beauty and I think Fat boy can agree with me on this. Well at least J’s capacity to reason quickly saved us from the religious fanatics of this lovely Country Uganda.

Fat boy came and took us into his car. We traveled and arrived in Bulenga, we left the car in a parking point where we paid 1000 UGX and loaded a border-border. We arrived there at 1pm, removed our shoes off, put off the gadgets and went in front of the cult holy place, this was my second visit. Previously we came to meet the cult leader and when we refused to pay money and she wanted, she told us to return on this day, and we were willing to pay in some money if this was going to win us a filming and interview of this lady Nalongo. The students were willing to cough in almost 30,000 UGX (US$15) even though they were on budget just to have an interview and have pictures taken.

It was shinning very hot, we sat on papyrus mat, it was so hot that J and her friends choose to apply lotions to prevent sunshine, every time they were accused of sitting badly, we went through this simply because we wanted an interview. The audience kept on warning us on the severe punishment as a result of what they said to be our “provocative” behavior towards the holy, invisible divine human known as “Tonda” whom you call God or Allah, here they named him/her( yes its not known if these invisible humans are men or women) “Tonda”. This was one of the worst moments I have ever experienced. Just like the students, Fat boy hardly speak any of our indigenous language and I do not judge him, I had a task of translating from Luganda to English.

After 20 minutes with no attention, Nalongo called a guy whom I recall as Lukwago. Lukwago run on his knees to Nalongo and after several minutes, Lukwago came and brought a message from Nalongo the ghost. (note that there are times when Nalongo was speaking as a visible human being and times when she changes her voice to manipulate her audience and when this come, she pretends that a divine being came and sat on her)

Lukwago said that, Nalongo the divine invisible being will not accept talking to us until when we go through a ritual sessions and cleansing. We said that its fine if we do everything on Camera, the congregation shouted naaaaaah in protest of our request. Lukwago went ahead on by giving us lectures on how Tonda (invisible divine being) is the only saviour of this troubled planet, the new kind of Jesus Christ and TONDA is doing his/her work through Nalongo. This was total shit to we the atheists.

After we choose not to go through the sessions, she invited us closer to supreme holy divine seat where only exceptional individuals can reach but this time we choose NOT to give in money.

Nalongo (in pretendance of being shadowed the divine being) accused me of looking for money and being an opportunist,not sure how but I guessed she meant that am a traitor and that being a Muganda is a direct duty not to question anything in our traditions, she requested us to be converted to her beliefs, that’s the only thing we need but not interviews and pictures, she claimed that if we needed money, she can give us some, all of these things came from Nalongo the divine being and that she owns the Universe, she then asked Fat boy his names of which he replied his foreign name and she asked Fatboy is an' African name, then my troubled friend Fatboy replied his African name and then she asked his tribe and he replied Acholi. Nalongo who looked more like a drunkard lady gave up on Fat boy while her un convinced face looked directly in my eyes, to Nalongo,Fatboy was a Muganda pretending not to be a Muganda,Nalong seemed to think that all black people should be Baganda, to me this was an act of discriminating both the whites and Fat boy simply because they were not speaking Luganda and it was worse when it came to Fat boy. Nalongo strongly referred to the Australian students as her own lost children yet she didn’t embrace me and Fat boy. But this is all what Gods/Allah or divine beings do, discriminate.

We shaked her hands and put on our bags that we left on mats, as we reached our shoes, J open the back to take out her sunglasses, its at this point the congregation saw the camera and thought J wanted to take pictures, so they walked up to us, denouncing and demonizing us until we ran for our dear life and called the border-border guys to save us from mob justice which is also a norm in Ugandan society now.

We drove to Kampala, and filmed Rubaga Cathedral and Namirembe Cathedral, we left our friends there, as I was driving with Fat boy returning to his place of work, he told me how his workmate reported him as someone committing blasphemy in the management of Sanyu Fm meeting. Fat boy said that he also wrote back saying that every-time a Christian says "God bless you" its an insult to him, his bosses backed off but this proved to me that Fat boy can loose his job any time because he is giving in more secular views and comments in addition to inviting secular commentators. The next day, Fat boy invited me on the show to comment of the trip. As I was in the studio, I warned the public always to question before jumping on something strange as it may result into more death and loss of property and lives just as it was on Kibwetere in Kanungu. I also warned the public to always see and observe, it’s very clear that cult leaders hate journalists and cameras. If you see that someone is not a friend to journalists and Cameras, insist on asking “Why” do not stop asking. Seek answers where it’s necessary even when the environments look healthier and normal.

As a result of these cults, both old and new, we are witnessing terrible ritual murdering of both children and elders, property destructions of those they suspect to be in witchcrafts, all faith and organized religions are cults, the only difference is in number and others are endorsed by state and enshrined in our laws as true religions that are acceptable. We have witnessed sexual scandals in them too, fraud of funds from the audiences and lots of more. We must say no to any form of state sponsored organized religion of faith as Pentecostals call themselves. It’s on record that 99% of the worst crimes against humanity are done and influenced by these organized cults of all times.

Through the names of the ever venerated invisible deities, humanity faced oppression, wars, holy massacre of innocents and genocides under their orders. Believable evidence is also on record that these men, namely Allah, Mohammed, Jesus, Budha ,God are responsible for the continued misery and sorrow in Africa. They also failed to end apartheid against the black people in South Africa.

It’s this kind of crimes that I strongly declare Allah, God, Mohammed, Jesus and their agents that we have today as the worst terrorist criminals and enemies of Humanity. I will not stop seeking their trial under the jurisdiction of the Internal Criminal Court of Justice.

These men, through their self-made terrorist manuals, namely Quran Bible, Torah and Hadith, they have promoted nepotism, death of innocents and promoted wars, famine,fear and loss of property.

These criminals are also responsible for the destruction of property in Asia by endorsing tsunami, they are responsible for destruction and loss of lives in New Olreans, Haiti, and in Northern Uganda, Rwanda Genocide, Kanungu massacre and all the droughts we are witnessing today, can anyone help me arrest them. These men are also responsible for impersonations, fraud and intimidations, massive and gloss deception its kind of the human history.

On Tuesday, 5th January 2010, the New Vision reported a member of this cult having neglected and starved his grandchildren to die in Luweero district. He was arrested together with other family members and later confessed to be trained and mentored by Nalongo. Read about this here.

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