Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Atheists goes on a fact finding mission within a growing cult in Uganda.

Sometime back in the early days of December 2009, I was invited by three Australian students to participate in a documentary aimed to showcase the role and impact of religions in African Children. They wanted an atheist's point of view. I agreed to meet them before doing anything. We chose to meet a Nakummat's famous tasty Java restaurant on Yusuf Lule (Kitante) road. Am not good on memorising road names.

I was there at the agreed time. The three students were already in place, with their humorous, smiling and of course beautiful faces; they together welcomed me to their table. We talked a lot and made our list of individuals that we would meet and set up dates to do so. One of them was Fat boy. The students also requested me if they could meet some traditionalists. This was a harder task because I hardly knew anyone. However, I was not ready to give-up on this task. Giving up had never been my option.

Thursday 10 December 2009 came, by 8:45 am; we were all at Radio one as our meeting point. We walked to Sanyu FM. We did the interview and left Fatboy to finish his morning show. We walked to steers with the students.

I chose to go to my political party. Here people know me as an atheist, so asking numbers of those they knew to be traditionalists was not easy to me either. I started with a low profile when asking for contacts of people believed to be practicing traditional/African religion. I asked almost ten people and none of them knew the telephone number for Maama Fina, the chairperson of all traditional healers/Traditionalists in Uganda.
Time went on and I got frustrated because all the people I asked, I not only thought they would have the number but I was convinced that they themselves practiced traditionalism. I was wrong judging them from their appearances. At around lunch time, a guy whom we have nicknamed Musomesa (teacher) arrived at the party offices. I requested to talk to him in private, not because I suspected him to be a traditionalist but I believed him to have more information on almost everything apart from atheism which seems to be unknown to almost everybody I meet on my daily routine of life.

Musomesa told me to forget Maama Fina when I asked if she knew her number or if he happens to know anyone with her contacts. He told me that Maama Fina is a minor figure or player but gave the number of a certain lady known as Nalongo (mother of twins). He told me that when I call, I must strictly say what I want and also warned me of all cuts offs if am not careful. I called that a day and walked home without talking to Nalongo, indeed I was frustrated, very tired but was covering my face with little inheart happiness that finally, I got a number of some sort. Look for my second edition on this issue.

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