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I immediately found my way through the “No man’s land” and into Kenyan immigrations side, as I tried to locate my bus from thousands of them, I added the task of looking for anything to eat on my menu, I was so hungry, I didn't eat dinner the previous night and lunch apart from the banana fingers I bought very early in the morning when I arrived in town from home. This is the other side of living alone, sometimes I simply have no energy to prepare food, yet trying seeking food from Kampala’s dirty and unhealthy joints is an open invitation for cholera, don’t get me wrong, Kampala has several nice, better restaurants that also serves Para table foods, but unless you were in charge of CHOGM 2007 (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that took place in Kampala in November 2007,and nowhere in our history have we witnessed huge graft and blunder of national resources than that time),You cannot afford the price of food there. I need someone to take care of me, its this bad eating habit that made my ulcers uncontrollable for years but now, thankfully, I overcame that. Am a free man now!.

The bus spent more hours not getting started because we had to wait the Asian guy who found difficulties on both sides of Ugandan and Kenyan immigration officials. Due to the current threats from al-shabab Islamic militias in Somalia, Asians and Somalis are finding tough times from security agents in both Kampala and Nairobi. After waiting for so long, there was some guys who brokered a deal between this Asian and security agents and he coughed some huge money to let him pass, I couldn’t tell how much it was but seemed to be a four digital figure amount in Kenyan money- do not laugh, you know how our Ugandan shillings is doing on Regional and International markets!

As we were waiting this Asian man, there was a younger Kenyan preacher who entered the bus and shouting may God bless you on your journey and started preaching (this is very common in East African public transport and those earning money from it doesn’t care about other people’s rights who hold different religious views).

I wanted to confront him but choose to keep low profile, when he was leaving the bus, I asked him to write his names for me, he did it proudly telling me that I can rename my future kids after his names since he is a chosen one, his names were Melchizadeck Abol and he insisted on telling me to read Jeremiah 31:31, I regretted asking him to tell his names to me, he was not going to leave my seat unless I pay( they prefer donate) some money to him for no particular reason but I turned a deaf ear. I immediately turned to Mugerwa who also was in rush to tell me how strong he admires to have group sex like what he sees in blue movies. I choose to listen to Mugerwa than Abol. Before Mugerwa narrated his desires,he told me that Abol only sings one verse which is in Jeremiah 31:31 from Monday to Monday, that all the times Mugerwa used the route to Nairobi, he overheard Abol repeating that more than a million times, am not sure what’s on that verse, thanks to my atheistic stand in life.

No sooner had we started off, we met a security road broke, only ten minutes into the journey. There was also other buses stopped and their passengers ordered off for security checks to make sure that no bandits on the buses, but when our turn came, the driver bribed his way out, so we weren’t let off the bus and we continued our Journey.

The Driver bypassed Kisumu road and turned on Eldoret road. He was really a good driver despite of his smoking habit that I hated so much. You must know how it feels to be a passive smoker, in my life time, I have noted that another oppressive group of people who hardly care about others’ rights, and those are smokers. They are totally idiots and un-intellectual...

We arrived to Eldoret at 11:40 pm and the conductor of the bus again ordered to only spend ten minutes, although I was gravely hungry, I chose to go to the toilet to ease myself just in case. The bus was also picking passengers to Nairobi. So this was its stopping center. Many people rushed to behind the building and have a short call.

There was only one toilet where both men and women went (one door), there was no first come first serve business, there was no attendant to the toilet, and this building contained lodges too, entering the toilet was a struggle for the fittest. While we wait our turn to urinate, I overheard a couple having sex next room, and it felt they enjoyed each other deeply. This is another adventure when you’re a lonely traveler. In 2006, I stayed in Bilmas hotel room 301 in Nairobi, there was a door just opposite my room, the couple in it playing sex, the lady had that African voice, very sweetie tone on an alarming volume. Imagine I was on third floor and the receptionist and the guards on the ground floor overheard her. The guards came to inspect to see if there was something wrong, they found me standing at my door, listening to the sexual game in the house and they nodded their heads in disbelief. I returned to my bed, very tired and feeling envious of not being the one doing it. That night, I masturbated more than ten times, I made the white bed sheets dirty, even in the morning at 5am, it was sex that awoke me up. The act became undesirable that I went to shower room, had hot shower, bagged myself and left immediately to the cool breezing streets of Nairobi, since then, the voice of that lady remained in me; sometimes I feel it as I walk in the evening sunbathing. I have not overcome this voice that remained in me since then. My body longs to find a lady who can do the same, that lady was sweetie indeed.

I left the toilets in hope that by the time I come back, the number of people will be less, as I left, I noticed a sign post advertising a traditional healer, call him a witchdoctor, I took a picture of it and left, when I returned to the toilet, I again found two people waiting to urinate, I chose to wait no more and put my penis on the door and urinated there, these women were also struggling to control themselves, so couldn’t wait any longer. I was really in hard time. I left the place and boarded the bus to continue my journey. I wanted to eat but spared myself for the next stopping point.

We left Eldoret at 11:55PM and one of the passengers whispered to my ears that I do spot you taking pictures, why? I told him am a writer and am not taking pictures of people. He calmed down. I bought a pen in Eldoret for 15 Kshs. I was now free to make some points without disturbing Mugerwa.

Apparently, the Asian guy was busy on calls after calls and this raised eyes and nerves up. Actually Mugerwa and many Ugandans who thought the guy may be a terrorist also felt the same. They mostly complained in Luganda, a central Ugandan major indigionues language widely spoken across the region. The Asian guy removed his passport to check stamps but although I didn’t see which Country he belonged to, it had several visas in it indicating that he was a guy on the “move”.

On our way to Nakuru, the driver increased his smoking hobby, his music which was only understandable by him and the Asian guy continued to smoke on every point while talking with some Kenyans who brokered a deal for him. Somehow, I went asleep while keeping my documents in my armpits.

We arrived at Nakuru at 2:15 am, I was tired and extremely hungry, tears running through eyes, I was really gravely hungry. I wanted to eat. The bus Conductor ordered ten minutes, I was struggling here with Kenyans who thought that by note speaking Kiswahili, I was a Kenyan pretending to be from Europe, some even abused me to go to Europe, “if you’re Eurpoean,what are you doing in our country?” One guys shouted.

Traveling can be fun but only when people have reasoning capacity to respect, value, reason and celebrate diversifying cultures across the globe. Finally I bought hot rice and funny boiled meat at 100 Kshs. It tasted sweater, may be because I was deeply hungry because when the warmth went off, the food turned and tasted funny that I didn't want to continue eating. I also bought a bottle of water at 30 Ksh. I called it a night after eating as if I was on frontline in Afghanistan.

Kenyans who served me keeping on asking me if I want tea, tea mixing some broken Luganda and Shahili but I gave them a deaf ear, simply buying my water outside their restaurant since theirs was so expensive at 50 Ksh.

We boarded the bus again and took off. The bus arrived in Nairobi at 4:40 am, we spent the next few hours sleeping in the bus until early morning, I got off the bus at 6:30am, went to the booking office and stupidly booked my ticket to Kampala at 1700 Kshs.

I didn't really know how much money is left within. I counted the money and found out that I do been stupid to buy airfare to Kampala before going to the Australian Embassy and that was the reason why I was in Nairobi. I must stop here and do check on for yet another edition of my journey.

Happy Rational 2010.

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Mudamuli said...

Dude, I got stuck on the lady at the hotel. But I eventually read on because I wanted to know the ending. What an adventure you had.