Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Germany to Radicalism for Young Muslims

These are my comments in reply to this article that appeared in a leading US newspaper. You can read From Germany to Radicalism for Young Muslims and then see my comments. A happy life??  Shariah law is many things--all of them anti-human, especially against women, gays, believers in other religions and non-believers.  Is "happiness" seeing others socially stunted, living in fear of the self-righteous or tortured? This big mistake here is that the parents taught religion to their children--instead of encouraging that they look to science to explain the mysteries of life and the universe. It happens among Christians as well.  Teaching children a "mild", "moderate", for of Christianity can, for some, lead them to seek something more radical--as though the more punishing, oppressive and irrational is living a "truer" form of the religion.

These parents lost their children to religion.  How can we turn that into a lesson and a warning for others?  The lesson: "Even a little religion can go a long way--to death and destruction."   If parents think that by giving their child a faith to live by will make them better citizens--well, learn by observing.  Learn from the shock and loss of those who, in all their glorious ignorance, meant well.

As they say: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

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