Monday, July 26, 2010

Is Islam a religion of PEACE as they claim or a Terrorist Cult?

Uganda was bombed on 11 July 2010 in a co-ordinated activity that claimed 74 people dead, more than 100 wounded and unknown amount of destroyed property worthy millions of shillings. A day after the bombings, the Islamic terrorist group Al-shabab claimed responsibility and below is a quote from their statement.
"We will carry out attacks against our enemy wherever they are,". "No one will deter us from performing our Islamic duty." Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage, a militant spokesman in Mogadishu

Since then, we have written and discussed if truly Islam is a religion of Peace. From my own words, I have on several occassions said that Islam is a terrorist cult and that all religions are bad, but the difference between Islam and other religions is that, Other religions are now after money, they know that when they persuade you to their cult/religion, you will become their instant ATM machine where they pick money for their luxurious lives, therefore they don't want to loose you by instant death. On the other hand, Islamic fanatics are not interested in this world riches and money even though they want it too, they are more interested in what their Allah promises like Jannah and the 70 virgin girls in heaven. So with that, they will do whatever they are ordered to do.

Atheists who are not attached to an ideology (such as Communism) do not believe in violence. Most of us are humanists.  We believe in discussion, compromise and peaceful resolutions to problems.  However, there are atheists serving in various armed forces around the world, but all of us would rather that there not is a need for violent conflict. 

We don't have a god--or a human--that we fight for or on behalf of.  If we must fight oppressors, we do so to preserve freedom of thought, speech and independence from the demands of religious leaders. We are defending our right to love whomever we wish.   But moslems torture and kill for an imaginary god, imaginary virgins in an imaginary heaven.  If it's not already, a belief in a god should be classified as a serious mental illness. 

We can't imprison every violent or potentially violent religious person, but we can challenge the ideas and belief systems of religious people.  Religion is a result of ignorance, the absence of reason and humanity. There is no reason to respect anyone's religion or religious beliefs.   Even the most benign religious belief still imbues with authority an ancient holy book filled with violence and hatred.  In my next posts,I will share with you some critical references from the Quran that promote the murder we are seeing and also the number of groups responding to it.

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Mckeith said...

I think you missed a few things. I find your post a generalization of Islam.
Its because any of there Holy Books can be misinterpreted because they dont have literal meanings....
Remember we live in a society where realism seems to be the ideology.