Sunday, July 18, 2010

After the bombs, Will Kampala be the Same again?

Kampala is now a city of fear after the bombs that hit her on 11th July 2010.A lot of things have happened since then. The fear is growing more and more in the  hearts of all people in Kampala including leaders. The damages of bombs,in terms of costs is unknown. Yesterday I walked through the township of Kampala,observing what's happening around.I was so curious to know what happened to most of the good places where people go and hang in for coffee,wedding meetings and lunch.

Most of the restaurants were empty.Their owners just standing with hope that someone will drop in and eat,I imagined this kind of situation,how it will affect a young workers in those eating places.Restaurants will have to send them home.They will have no work. People are not free any more.I did notice a moslem guy on Constitutional square who was in isolation and couldn't look into the eyes of the by passers.

On Constitutional square,buses were loading passengers in without even security measures to check them.I imagined a terrorist entering one of them and who will survive? Even taxis (minivans) were doing the same.If a terrorist kills 15 people,that's victory for him/her. The worst part of this is that terrorists are collaborating with local people,so you cannot assume the bomber will be Somali like person.Anyone can be a terrorist including your best friend that you have known for years.

All bars are told to close at 10PM.I do not see this as a  solution to terrorism.Terrorists want us to live in fear.We should reject this. Even pentecostal churches that have always disrupted our sleep by shouting all night long,they say they will not go beyond midnight.Do they fear death yet they always say they will be in Heaven? Why should they fear it? Why should religious centers put up security measures since God can know everything in time?

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