Saturday, July 10, 2010

When uncelebrity life inspires lives.

I have taken long without writing on my blog. It's not because I dried up, but its because of some personal challenging moments I have been facing and still face. I am so pressed for time that I had to sacrifice my best morning show on my best Radio station. I also decided to get off Internet and spend only seven to ten minutes simply checking emails and answering those "troubling" questions about almost on everything: from politics, to pro-GLBT rights, pro-abortion rights, what I do to earn a living (This is one of the questions I get almost seven times a day not sure why people ask it, I rarely ask anyone what he/she does for a living. because this fake Government in Kampala sold all State owned companies, so almost 90 of the people in Kampala are survivors in their own means), to why I oppose over population and finally they ask me "what do I consider to be safer improved contraceptives for women".

This afternoon, I came online and found an online friend who happens to be in Kampala or I say in Uganda. I have known him for sometime now and he is really a good fan of me online. He reads almost everything I post but rarely comments. I never met him "Live", I mostly found him already left but his numerous foot prints always get seen by many.

This time, he was online live and when I initiated a chat with him, he replied very loudly, something that made me think that he had waited for a chat with me for long. He warmed up as if he did receive a call from the USA President Barack Obama. He went direct to the question that I least expected, "Hey hey Quitstorm, why are you not posting anything these days, have you dried up?" I took almost fifteen minutes convincing him that am still the old folk he knew and that I have not dried up. He then shared with me how "my boldness, frankness, zeal, and commitment" towards issues that concerns me make him even much stronger and happier but above all, my comments force him to stand up and be counted.

Honestly speaking, this was not the first time I heard anyone say it. I receive many emails from people, some who are not even in Kampala (but heard me on Radio) or read any of my advices somewhere, these emails are sent to express their appreciation for me for whatever am trying to push that can make Uganda a much more better place for all. Indeed I stand for better lives than well.

They thank me for not being fearful of the regime in Kampala (while I disagree with most of the polices that the National Resistance Movement government sells to Ugandans, I have not been a political activist in any way). I cannot stop imagining why the oppressed people of Uganda shouldn’t build up a resistance movement against the Pentecostal theocracy which describes the Museveni’s government.

Is Uganda a theocracy? Or a secular government where prayers are done in the closet? "And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. “For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others."--Matthew 6:5.

Instead of criminalizing the criminals in the Government, Museveni is offering prayer dinners while wasting out state funds with them. Come on, prayers cannot do any change; it’s just a way of talking to yourself when you are frustrated. My concerns affects the common man and that’s the one am standing up for and am doing this voluntarily, I must say it loud here that am not going to stand for any political office but of course I will campaign for the suitable candidate for presidency.

I make issues known, I also receive more emails abusing and threatening my life. I have also received strong criticism and to my critics, you owe me so much that I have dramatically improved on what I can do best.

Well, I told my online friend that, to honor the live chat, I will write a blog post for him and he accepted, I even shared a picture of me with him, he is extra-ordinary and very brave with ambition to create a name on the Ugandan stage but not through prayer robbery or child ritual killing!

He assured me that there are many fields where he can still contribute and make the name sound. He shared a little bit of them and my only advice to him was that...."Man, blow your own trumpets" if you have them, do not wait anyone to blow it for you.So my online friend, where you may be, please know that you are very close to my heart and that you will always be treasured in my life. Keep the good work up.