Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shame on you guys in Zana.

I left the dirty toilet very frustrated and depressed that the woman in a kiosk restaurant didn't give me any tissue yet I paid. I was really feeling bad; she didn't even provide water for to wash my hand after visiting the toilet. There was also nothing like a sign of water cans around the toilet, this proved that all people who visit this, always ignore the fact that, one should always wash his/her hands after a toilet service. Shame on you guys in Zana. I still recall you.

I jumped the road barriers to the other side of the road on the left hand side to continue my way to JS residence. I walked a down road that had no signpost and no name just like most of the bad faded, dirty off roads you see in Kampala metropolitan city and its suburbs; I knew that it was the one because JS told me the mark that I looked around. It was a kiosk of a guy who makes roadside chapatis, (Pan-grilled unleavened flatbread). selling also airtime, and then had faded adverts of the useless East African Common market that kicked off on 1st July 2010.

I arrived at the house of JS, the Pan Africanist. His compound was good, greenly and well organized. His maid ushered me in the main room. She presented a chair for me, but minutes after I sat down, she introduces me to the new rooms which was of course the office of JS.I quietly sat myself. The maid brought me a glass of water. It was cool and tastefully. I think all water are tasteful even though we know that water is tasteless, may be I do not know what's the taste of Water.

Well, after 30 minutes of waiting, JS came in, warmly greeted me. He was warm and lively after a very long time of not meeting each other. He iniated the issues that bhe wanted to talk with me, and guess what, like I said in my first article, he was more concerned about Panafricanism and what should be done to make issues known to the general public. After almost two hours of discussions, JS waved me off and it was nice talking to him, I was convinced with his concerns and I told him, I will be considering working him in all possible ways but also I warned him that, this doesn't mean that I agree with whatever he thinks and he said "It's alright brother".

I arrived at the taxi stage at around 10:15 am and jumped in taxi immediately on the window seat. It’s my favorite seat but these days, am very cautious about it since the bandits started pouring Acid into taxis previous with hope that Acid will get to whoever their enemies are but later ended up hurting innocent passengers.

The Sun was very up and shiny. I was here on the road, thinking of course nothing, not even what we have talked with JS.I noticed something. I started seeing more and more signposts announcing churches, almost every five minutes; I spotted another signpost announcing a church and its pastor. There’s even one that carried the photography of a senior Pastor in that particular church.

I started questioning why should one put the pictures of a senior Pastor, what’s the purpose of it? With no answers coming, I choose to ignore everything I show, but again continued asking why, is it that there was no signpost announcing any public toilet on the road?

If we can have signpost of God's massive business and empires that helps no one but the pastor and his Family (not even church members), Why can't we have big well painted signposts announcing clean better conditioned Toilets on our roads? I hope you help me find answers.

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