Friday, July 23, 2010

From the Press.

The first article on what is happening in Somalia is worrisome  for all East Africans. Since 74 Ugandans were murdered by the Islamists, I make sure that I stay away from any recognisable crowds of people.Am lucky to be an atheist because I don't have the urge to worship in a mosque or church. For me, it's a little difficult to feel too much sympathy for those who get blown up while attending mosque or church.

Burundi is thoroughly corrupt--and they have troops in Somalia. Uganda is a little less corrupt (at least that's what the article implies), and Uganda has troops in Somalia. Personally I do not think that Burundi is more corrupt than Uganda.

More and more people are speaking out against the drug war. I may not live to see the end of the drug war, but I'm living to see the beginning of the end. It may take another 30 years to complete this change by abolishing the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.


Anonymous said...

What difference does it make getting blown up in a mosque, church, school playground, shopping mall or any other place? I dont get it. Being an atheist is fine, its your personal choice. but your not feeling sympathy for the next person because they got blown up in a church doesnt make sense, especially if you'd feel any kind of sympathy if that same person had been blown up say in a shopping mall.

Either that, or you dont feel sympathy for anybody hurt in this kind of manner, atheists, Christians, Muslims or not. Or maybe you dont feel at all.

Quitstorm said...

Anonymous wrote: "Being an atheist is fine. . ." In your mind, it is not fine. And it's not a mere matter of personal choice as though atheism were just another religion.

In your mind, you want me to feel sympathy for religious people and I don't because the church they support is the same as a white racist supporting the KKK. Religion is the cause of most wars--which you wish not to see and understand. Not only is there endless ideological conflict among religions (even within the same congregation), but all religions are responsible for overpopulation and scarce resources that result.

I do have a great deal of sympathy for those who get killed by visiting a food market because all of us have to eat. But when people are foolish enough to enter a church or mosque, they're actually asking for trouble. One does not have to enter buildings dedicated to the worship of gods. Because of their mindless superstitious beliefs, they contribute money to the very individuals who wage war against "sinners" and "infidels." But I'm sure this is what you won't be able to understand because you are religious yourself and feel that your religious beliefs should be respected--which I do not. The reason is because no religion respects people and equal human rights. Religious people respect nonexistent gods and kill in the name of the gods they believe in.

I just love it when Christians/Moslems throw the Golden Rule at me: "Well, how would you like it if I didn't respect YOUR beliefs?!" Well, I believe in science, rationality, justice, and human equality. And I expect religious people to not respect these things. If you are Roman Catholic, Moslem, I expect you to regard women as inferiors. If you are Baptist, Pentecostal or adherent of the other Protestant religions, I would expect you to regard GLBT people as "sinners" or moral inferiors. Those congregations that do manage to rise above religious traditions of persecuting others, do so because of the influence of science and rationality.

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact I am a Christian. Secondly, I am not that kind of Christian that is the "religious" kind - the kind as you put it regard GLBT as sinners or morally inferior. The type of religion that the Pastor Sempas and the like preach concerning homosexuality for instance, is straight fanatical and I see it as bigotry and hypocritical. Yes I said it, and I'm a Christian. Why is it that they dont attack adultery or fornication with the venom they do concerning homosexuality. Its all wrong either way. They are all human, no more sinners than myself or the next person. Now that's where I agree with you that "religion" is a problem. The Jesus I believe in did not come to create a religion. Places of worship or churches are just that. Christianity doesnt start and end in the physical building. If Christ dined with thieving tax collectors, tagged amongst the worst sinners at the time, why would I expect that he wouldnt do the same with a gay person, and why wouldnt I. Point is, yes "religion" is more a tradition of sorts, but we are called not to be religious. Christ himself condemned the "religions" of the day - people who steadfastly held onto their belief systems that were more wrapped around tradition than anything else.

But back to the point of the original post and my earlier reply, I separate myself from the fact that the bombing was in a church/mosque and look at it as a loss of life. There coulda been non-believers say inside the church who say just so happened to be there because there was a friend/family wedding, etc and got killed. He may not be there to worship any particular god.

Or, why would I feel sorrier for a market crowd that got targeted by a bomb blast and not a church/mosque crowd & yet in that very same market are most likely people of different believers or non at all.

So should I identify the non-believer victims in that market crowd and feel sorry for them. Should I identify only those that are Christians - not the religious kind that think things have to be done a certain way, at a certain time, etc - should I identify those Christians and feel sorry for them and not be moved by the rest.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings, before we are a certain type of human being. And its the humanity aspect here that I am talking about.

Quitstorm said...

Hello Anonymous,
I have found your replies to be very nice and I wanted to push for a greater discussion between you,me and my readers.Therefor I have posted an article purposely for you to interact with me and the readers.I have renamed you Albert. And the first article is called "INTRODUCING ALBERT" . I hope you will have time to follow me on it.Thank you.Let's discuss and thank you for reading and having interest in my discussions.Please keep the good work up.