Thursday, July 15, 2010

Should Uganda be in Somalia?

I read this article and I don't know if Uganda should be in Somalia.I previoulsy said more than once that moslems in Somalia should just kill one another and that Ugandan troops should not be there.

So why are Ugandan troops in Somalia? Is it out of compassion? I doubt it. The people of Uganda are not especially compassionate people. Go here to read an article about police watching gangs beat up people--and not care and not respond to help the victims.

Somalian bombers are turning the entire world against their race in general and everyone just wants to bomb them out of existence. Unfortunately we have a ridiculous institute called the UN which prevents the cure from taking place. They say "the innocent will be slaughtered as well" but fail to realise that the innocent is being slaughtered by the very ones that we all want to get rid of. There is give and take in beating the enemy and of course innocents will suffer, like in all wars.

I therefore say,UN cannot help the World,we must stand and say not to UN nosense and simply go for every religious terrorist group wherever they are,if a small township supports them,we should wipe it out all.


gya said...

Uganda's involvement in Somalia was a cover up of the Congo scandal.
Remember how our Updf top brass looted billions of DRC resources to an extent of Uganda being sued for 10 Billion US Dollars!

Shame upon our government

John Powers said...

By now I suspect you know that I'm very suspect about the efficacy of violence to solve anything. Maybe that's because I'm just wimpy. But even many military theorists understand that "wiping out" terrorists isn't the solution.

John Robb has a useful brief--it's short--on 4G Warfare. A key observation is that winning a 4G war is accomplished in the moral sphere.

Now military theorist aren't going to give up on violence entirely. While I'm nearly a pacifist, I'm not quite. In any case it seems if people want to win against terrorists--or against criminal gangs--a clear eye towards the limitations of violence is really important.

It's popular nowadays for people to denigrate the idea of human rights. I know that you are not one of those people. The recognition of fundamental human rights is a check on the urge to believe violence is the solution always. And standing for fundamental human rights is a moral stance. Winning against terror is in the moral sphere.

In that light what side are those who advocate abrogating fundamental rights with the idea that will make us safer?

Quitstorm said...

Well the bombs can make anyone fail in terms of stand and point of view.I have seen how my views change from one point to another in just four days since the bombings in Kampala.