Sunday, August 01, 2010

Great News for all of us - Male Dominance is losing its power !!!!

This article is about medication that will be available to women worldwide. It's called misoprostol. It is used for ulcers and can save lives of women with postpartum hemorrhages and now it can be used to induce abortions.

Let's consider the last sentence of the article: "As word spreads among women worldwide about what a few pills can do, it’s hard to see how politicians can stop this gynecological revolution." Very carefully written. If it were my article, I would have written "It's hard to see how politicians, husbands, priests and imams can stop this gynecological revolution."

The world's population will reach Seven Billion by next year--2011. I'm hoping, that with this medication, the world will more quickly start experiencing a decline in population--and the Catholic Bishops won't be able to do a damn thing about it! Women will finally take control of their own bodies--and it can't happen soon enough.

With misoprostol, wives can pretend to want another child as much as her husband, but still, unbeknownst to him, be taking the abortion medication because in fact, she doesn't want any more children or any children at all. African/Ugandan women living in anti-abortion Countries can take misoprostol at home without risking arrest.

However, what I fear is that women may be forced to have their blood tested to see if they have been taking abortion medication, and if discovered that they had, would be severely punished. I don't think this will happen because misoprostol will remain legal.

Nonetheless, I'm am pleased to no end to see that Male Dominance is losing its power and that medical science is continuing to push back the Institution of Religion until it withers away--like Communism.

I hope this also leads to women having children only if they want them and have the resources to raise them properly. Misoprostol isn't the end of the line for effective abortion pills. Medical technology will continue to march on to meet the demand.For those who have written on my blogsite that abortion must not be tolerated--my question with a smile is: Gee, what can you do about this?

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