Monday, August 02, 2010

How to solve religious fundamentalism.

I did attend the first freethinkers' night in Kampala since the 11/7/2010 bombings in Kampala.I was reluctant to go because I thought,many people will not attend. To my surprised,the number even went up,new faces cropped up and all of them said that they liked the debate which was "Religious Fundamentalism & Terrorism" was very captivating.

The reason religious fundamentalism is dangerous is that once an edict in a religious document has been labeled “the will of God” or “God’s command”, in the mind of the believer that edict is immutable, unchallengeable, and unquestionable.

The fundamentalist believer acting on that edict cannot be persuaded through reason or logic to reconsider his actions or prejudices because to do so would, in his mind, constitute heresy and/or disobedience to the supreme ‘God’.

But I am trying to think of solutions to terrorism. When you are troubled with all the atrocities committed by religions, you can easily run out of options. I have been thinking about the rewards which these terrorists envisions and all the imaginational life styles in the skies. The good life in heaven and the virgins. Now the solution can be, empowering them to work harder here and establish that good life other than imagining it in the skies. We can also find virgins for them to marry! Can this solve the problem?

I personally don't think supplying virgins to these killers would solve the problem.  It would only make more problems for the women who are supposed to submit their bodies to these self-hating individuals.  If they hate life and themselves so much that they're willing to commit suicide by killing others, one can only imagine the woman they come in contact with would be grossly mistreated.

I don't know much about this aspect of the Islamic religion, but perhaps only virgins in heaven would do--but virgins on earth would not be acceptable to them.

It's all ignorance and insanity with these Islamic men.

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