Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Mother and Fan of my Blog,

On 14th Aug 2010, I received a comment in one of my articles from a mother. She wrote this.
Micheal, am not sure what to say. Am ma mother and would die if i saw my son go thru that. Why do human do that?You can always go back to school, or do online courses.Am speechless may be my next comment i will be more calm. Am so mad at every relative of yours and your father doesent deserve to called a father ....
I wanted to reply her using a full article.I have replied her as if am replying my own. I have done this in a form of a letter below.

Dear Mother:
When I found myself on the streets, every day--every single day--was a struggle just to stay alive.  I didn't have time for school for approximately the same reasons many kids drop out of school to work on the farm.  Except in my case, I didn't have family, farm, or other industry to help me.  I was lucky, however.  I was born male. We find thousands of kids every year in Uganda who simply die of starvation, or were abducted for the international sex industry and who end up dead.  We don't hear the details from these kids.  But I'm alive and learned the English language and became computer literate--so that with me, you can hear from one who managed to survive.

Having been there, like so many others, I pay attention to what happens to kids in other countries.  In India, a kid or adult can die in the streets of Calcutta and people just step over them.  Eventually, someone comes along and picks up the rotting carcass.

There are many reasons why I'm an atheist.  And one of them is the utter irresponsibility of ministers of religion (imams, priests, preachers) who condemn birth control and abortions and who bully their uneducated flock into having as many children as a woman can produce--regardless whether they can support all those children for a full 18 years.

People who give ANY money to any mosque or church have contributed to my difficult struggle just to stay alive. For the kids who died--FIRST blame the religious leaders.  And they do lead--to the path of abject poverty and death--all in the name of their nonexistent god.  But the uneducated don't know that there is no god.

The religious organisations are tax free which gives them tremendous advantages over commercial businesses. They get away with this through their propaganda of "aiding poor people."  First, the religious leaders promote overpopulation (which creates greater demand for diminishing supplies of goods), so the poor turn to their oppressors for help.   Hey, this is a fantastic trick that works as long as people believe in the god idea and contribute money to these horrible organisations.

In fact, churches do NOT aid poor people.  They create them and keep them in a state of poverty and ignorance in order to milk them of money from their hard-earned wages.  Businesses adore religion because multitudes of poor people competing for limited jobs keeps them in slavery.  America isn't the only country who thrived on slaves. 

Slavery made by religions are an everyday reality here in Africa.  This exists here in Africa because we've adopted religions (foreign or local) instead of taking a scientific approach to life.  By taking a scientific approach to this problem created by religions, we look at a given area--like the nation of Uganda.  We look at wildlife and how much room animals need to survive and sustain their populations.  We look at how much water is available to the people of this area and how many hectors of farm land is needed to sustain a given population.  We look at the human population to see how many fish will be removed from lakes and streams, and how much wildlife will be removed from the forests.  We look at the rate of natural recovery of what humans take.  We then look at the garbage generated by humans and what we can do with it.  Scientific investigation is difficult--religious explanations are so simple.

The area of Uganda can comfortably support no more than Eight million people.  No more than that. With 8 million people held at zero population growth, EVERY child could sleep in a bed--not on the ground.  Every child and young adult could have a full education--including four years of college, free of charge.  Everyone would have a job.  We could more easily control pollution of the land, water and air.  But Uganda does not have 8 million college-educated and working people.   Ironically--because of severe overpopulation.

But do you hear one single imam or preacher instructing their uneducated flock to limit their families to no more than two children?  Do you hear them describe a good life without any children?  No.  What you hear is condemnation of abortions, birth control, and homosexuality (for those born with this orientation). 

The one piece of garbage that is growing in our society is the Bible and the Qur'an.  These holy books are murderously harmful to society.  Maybe they served some usefulness 2,000-3,000 years ago, but they sure are hell in today's society.

And to answer the question of the mother: Yes, I would like to get an education.  I have a sponsor waiting for me in America, but the U.S. Embassy takes my money ($390 per application) and denies me a visa.  The American Embassy in Nairobi and Kampala  needs to be investigated for this foul practice. I can also take Education in Uganda if the situation enables me.


kobusingye lillian said...

I understand your pain and do respect your opinion in regards to religion, i guess we are all entitled to our opinions.
As far as your visa is concerned do not give up, you have come this far you can surely make it to the other side. it may not be easy but if you believe in your self like you do that determination will surely pay off. i wish you the best of luck.

tjeerdo said...

Nearly 7 billion people. There are too many and our planet is not able to control. Famine, epidemics and devastating wars for water. Birth control is a necessity. A child in Europe consumes five times more raw material as a child in Africa. Actually, western countries must take the lead. That too many children are being born could be for instance: economic, cultural or religious reasons. The education of women must be more sophisticated. In India you see that a higher education leads to fewer children. The lack of contraception and the influence of religion is alarming. Less influence of churches in society can achieve progress on birth control. Better pension provision for the elderly, also provides advantages. You are no longer dependent on your children. It is extremely complex, but without limitation, the world peris