Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'China executed "several thousand" people in 2009'

'China executed "several thousand" people in 2009'

 Note the young officer wearing white gloves--as though properly positioning the young man to be executed is a clean act.  In this photo, I count about 10 young men lined up to be executed. The word "several" means three or more.  So "several thousand" would make for busy days, five days a week, every week, every year.  And if you look in the background of the attached photo, there are spectators hearing reports from guns and watching bodies slump to the ground. For them, this is exciting entertainment.

The young men in uniforms and white gloves--how do they sleep at night after killing some humans? What is their relationship to their wives, children, neighbours?  Yes, some of the condemned have committed brutal crimes.  But I suspect the vast majority--like in the United States--have done nothing more than transport heroin, cocaine or marijuana to willing customers.  For this business transaction, they were murdered by the State. 

And what justifies this horror against fellow humans?  In China it's the ideology of Communism.  In the United States and throughout Africa and the Arab world, it's the ideology of Christianity and Islam.


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Thanks for posting this, and I agree that it is awful and should be documented.

Just one thing - I think you are wrong in stating this is a photo of the actual place of execution. The photo seems to have been taken at a stadium, which is where public trials are often held. So it is likely to be a photo of accused being sentenced rather than executed.

Of course, they would not be far from death. In China is common for condemned to be executed within an hour of being sentenced.

They were likely taken straight from there to the place of execution.

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Thank you, Anonymous.I hadn't thought of trials being held in the stadium.