Monday, June 14, 2010

These Kiboko guys in Uganda's Capital Kampala.

This may be difficult to explain, but this seems to be curious at best:
1)  "The police chief, who never left his car, instructed his commanders to make sure the Kiboko Squad was out of public view."

2)  "the bulk of these men are traders employed in such businesses as hawking and vending."

The article tells me that the Kiboko are in the vending business, unless they're being paid by the police to beat people up as ordered. 

Somebody is telling the police chief to "control" certain activities in Kampala--such as demonstrations or organised protests against certain government policies or actions.

Therefore, if members of the Kiboko are venders, there should be an individual or group of individuals who give them literature (assuming they can read Luganda or English) explaining basic principles of democracy and why discouraging or harming those fighting against the Big Boys (M7 and others) is actually hurting the lumpen or members of the lowest of the working class or the chronically unemployed.  In other words, they are hurting themselves.

They must be shown that accepting small cash from the police is a cheap way of protecting the interests of the upper class in Uganda.

These Kiboko guys accept police money because they are poor, but also because of the thrill of being permitted and encouraged to beat people up.  In ordinary life they know they are very unimportant and impotent, but being paid by the police gives them a momentary feeling of importance.

I assume that when they're in the role of being a vendor, one could talk to them.My readers,please tell me how best we can talk to these guys!.

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