Friday, June 18, 2010

President Museveni called Ugandan past leaders "swines" but he is a total idiot.

Many will agree that Museveni isn't too bright, but this is pure idiocy. Or, Museveni knows fully well that prayers for anything are a waste of time. So the President is attempting to get the nation to divert their attention from doing something meaningful against those who steal from the people. Those who steal our national resources. Read  Museveni turns to God in fight against corruption

This is actually funny: 'Mr Museveni cautioned that Uganda risks losing out on God’s blessings for if disobedience prevails “on the other hand, we stand to gain if, we obey God”.' Hey, the high-level thieves are receiving blessings--the people's money. They probably know that there is no such thing as a god.

Last paragraph of the Monitor article: "The President cites bribery, human sacrifice, sexual perversion, witchcraft and misuse of funds as some of the immoral things that have affected the country."

There is no such thing as "sexual perversion." There is sexuality in all its natural forms. This is another distraction constantly promoted by Museveni and the so-called "ethics" man. Bribery, human sacrifice, witchcraft, and confiscating public funds ARE immoral. And the biggest moral crimes that can be committed by high-ranking officials is associating with America's evangelists. We must get rid of them, We must get rid of colonalism that is returning to Uganda/Africa through religions.

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