Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can President Obama be the best President as many voters presumed?

This may answer some of our questions as to why it is practically impossible for Ugandans to get a visa to any non-African country.
In this photo,distance between Haiti and US
Haiti is a little under 1,000 km from the Florida coast.* That's still a very large distance to travel by wooden raft or small boat in an area that can be suddenly hit by bad weather. And when the weather is calm with cloudless skies, it's the burning sun all day long. And by the time they approach Florida, the US Coast Guard intercept them and will brutally turn Haitians away. As anyone can see, they can't go back to Haiti--they barely made it to Florida!

So now USA  have a black President who I would think would be sensitive to human rights--but being brought up in a middle-class life he doesn't seem to have the sensitivity towards racial minorities that many of them who voted for him thought he would.

*Uganda is 13,000 km from the United States.

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