Saturday, June 12, 2010

South Africa: World Cup Excitement!

I'm sure you're wildly enthusiastic about the South African soccer match and are devoting your every waking moments watching guys kick around a ball.(am not personally even though i watched the kick off and will write on my observations in my next post) 

These photos remind me of the enthusiasm generated with the election victory of Pres. Obama in Nov. 2008 and again with his Inauguration of 20th January 2009. Question: One-and-a-half years later, how has Obama helped Africans as most believed he will?

Similarly: How is this soccer match in South Africa going to help South Africans--or Africans in general?

The building of the stadium made investors rich. They would argue that jobs were created for the poor. But where is that money now? I would say that landlords now have the money, and the rest simply fed the black slaves in Africa to be present when rich guys decide to do something else for their own enrichment.

Notice that in some of the attached photos, black Africans don't even have their own television.
Instead of watching some dumb soccer match, what should Africa's poor be doing?

"This World Cup Is Not For The Poor": The Ugly Truth Behind The Celebrations

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