Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sunday morning in Kisumu

I was now alone in Kisumu. Not sure exactly what to do at this time. I chose to return to the Kisumu public park to witness more of the KCB motor rally fans. I squeezed through the multitudes of people who gathered around, this was the only event taking place in Nyasaland,thus attracting more than what the organizers wanted. This park hosts a cool bar which has also an upper section which attracts better view sceneries. I walked to the top of it. Like in most Kenyan towns, I found the revelers enjoying Tusker beer. Yes it’s the most favoured beer in Kenya.

There was a guy busy drinking and either was discussing either business or the rally results. Judging the number of Tusker bottles on the table, it looked like they’d been there all day. This attracted my attention to take a picture. I walked up to the tusker guy and requested if I could take a picture. He told me that “its not acceptable”. I answered that its okay. I went in the corner of the bar and took several pics of the rally fans and when I turned around, I saw the Tusker guy trying to convince the other beer brotherhoods that it seems I was taking their pictures,sensing that this could lead to hurts when someone throws a bottle to me,I decided to leave and returned to Kisumu hotel for my final day.

It was now around 6:40pm and was tempted to go on to Octopus club downtown.I had visited this place in 2003,it was not long since I was there and couldn’t tell if the place still exisited,honestly Kisumu have changed a lot since my last visit, and I noticed that many buildings I saw were now replaced buy new and well planned buildings. Octopus clud had some nice looking working girls (call them women) and its these women that was disturbing my inner being but later I chose not to go ,and I rather walked to the hotel slowly.

I arrived at the hotel at around 7:45pm.I was amazing to se huge number of people inside,at first I thought they do came to watch those English Premier League which I had no idea which teams are there. It turned out to be that these people came to listen to the Presidential campaigns supporting the drafted Constitution all way from Nairobi Uhuru Park which was aired live. There was nothing much to do, I picked my key and headed to room 205. The toilet and sink was not yet repaired, moments after I entered it, it started shouting, perhaps it was shouting before I came in too. I called the receptionist and described how this whole issue wasn’t good me. He simply said that they are sorry; they cannot change the rooms now. I calmed down and went to my bed. It felt lovely to be resting. Tomorrow I will be on the road again back to Kampala.

I had a great sleep that night despite of the noise from the toilet. I think it was because of my failure to sleep the previous night, so now I was covering it too. Morining came so quickly and having finished shower, I walked to the dining room for yet another lovely and tasty breakfast. Whenever I travel to long journeys, I look more for breakfast than anything else, may be I like eating so much. There are times when I only looked up for those sweet melodies from hotel rooms coming from fucking buddies, this time I didn’t think about sex, there was no one in the hotel creating those lovely melodies that most of the times stops me from sleeping.

That day’s breakfast was the photocopy of the previous one when it came to menu but served by different people. After my breakfast, there was nothinch much to do,I have checked out and it was now time to look for my way out of Kisumu to Kampala. I must stop here and wait you onboard as I cruise through Kenya to my home country.


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