Thursday, December 24, 2009

The strengthen and wonders of Science in this age

Often when we talk about the marvels of science, we think of the "heavens" and wonder where we came from. The wonders of science can be seen through the lens of microscopes, from the actions of amino acids in the presence of sunlight, etc.

If you go here: you will see, in 3D, the double-helix of DNA. Beautiful and fascinating.

So far, the projected cost of American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan goes over the two trillion dollar figure. In their (Americans) system of numbering, there are a thousand million in one billion, and a thousand billion in one trillion.

Cost comparisons have been made several times by the Congressional Budget Committee and I learned that USA spend just a small fraction for its space programs in comparison to the mind-boggling waste in military spending.

Like we Africans,most Americans are not very interested in science, they're interested in religion and being saved. They're afraid of the Vietnamese or the Soviets or the Iraqis or Iranians or the Martians and they vote for pro-war representatives.

The result is that America doesn't invest so much in science which might interfere with Intelligent Design or Creationist ideas. See, if they invested their money into science programs, like more rapidly developing solar and alternative energy sources, and space programs, etc., this might cause their youth to do more thinking and they might turn into a bunch of godless atheists!

But even with their little investment in the Hubble Telescope, You can see about the universe. It's beautiful and causes one to think--what is this? Why is that the way it is?

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