Friday, December 25, 2009

Eating out in Kampala

I do prepare my food always at home, but once in a while, when I get out of home, I find myself feeling extremely hungry and with no way out, I look for a way out from the bad joints of Kampala interiors to eat the bad prepared food that sometimes cause my tummy to protest my decisions.

Last Wednesday, a not well-known friend invited me to town and ended up to this place called U restaurant where I see many Kampalanians hang for food daily. In fact, U is one of the high rated restaurants and this makes it very expensive, its owner almost appears weekly in the daily media for no particular reason but to promote his business, this was my second time to this place. I sat in there just watching people enjoying their food; I took a bottle of coke only.

The U restaurant might be expensive as you may be aware, but the kitchens are terrible. Just open sheds with fired burning in the metal rims of trucks and large drums of food boiling on top. It is hot and dangerous and very unsanitary. The fish and meat and vegetables are cut up on a not too clean surface, and then when it’s all cooked the poor servants have to carry the huge and heavy containers up stairs and into the restaurants... I would not like to eat the food... I'd be frightened of getting diarrhea.

I didn’t get out of my little house; I spent what most people call a holy day at home, lonely and depressed as usual thinking of how religion had been greatest destroyer of happiness and peace of mind for centuries and no religionists can understand it. That’s why they embrace deception and hypocrisy from the religious institutions over and over.

Am out of here, watch out who is next to you.

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