Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loneliness and Depression, can lead you to murder innocents?

There are so many stories around the Globe now but there’s this one story that had changed events globally from the way we talk and interact with people in both virtual world (online world) and physically.

The story of a younger Nigerian man believed to be aged 24 (other media houses quote 25) whom journalists branded to be brave intelligent, younger, handsome from a class A section of people in Nigeria who chose to blow up a plane while enroute to Detroit, Michigan on 25th December 2009.

He tried to bomb a plane taking 278 passengers and 11 crew members. As a result, travelers are now facing tough security screening and delays on airport on addition to reporting three hours before the flight....all this headache is a result of this Islamic fool.

Although I have read a lot about this failed terror act, I prevented myself from discussing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab with my online friends who are asking me what I think especially the skeptics, atheists and rational thinkers. This morning as I was talking with one of the strong atheist reader of this blog, he wrote to me how “deeply” he was sympathising with the Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab” because of what he went through during his teenage age”. And that if it was not loneliness and depression that this murderer faced, he would not have chosen to be a serial killer (or mass murderer) of this kind. Apparently the New York Times and all major media houses, wrote on December 29, 2009 that the bomber suffered loneliness and depression.

To me this is garbage. I cannot even tolerate this kind of belief. I have lived alone for the last 24 years, on streets, ate in trash, was and am still lonely, was in depression, had no one to talk to, have no family or friends, even now, am alone, I talk to no one apart from my online friends but I never thought of killing anyone for that, not even my mum who dumped me at the age of 6 months, not even my fathers who exchanged me like pan cakes! In fact, during these rough times of my life, I longed for death myself. There are times where I wanted to commit suicide. But never at anytime, thought of harming anyone else. When I read the allegations of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and the comments of my atheist reader, my nerves went up and were in shock since I couldn’t expect any sympathy from an atheist to that bomber.

Now, I would like to examine and put some questions for you to answer. If this terrorist claims to having done what he did as a result of loneliness and depression, why didn’t he:

1) Try to kill his family who is part of his problem?
2) Why didn’t he kill Nigerians in his home village?

Did Americans contribute to his depression and loneliness hence killing them?
What crime did the other nationals on the flight commit to deserve death, simply because they are not Moslems?

The Qur'an from its beginning to it’s end, is teaching murder, wrath and war to those who don’t believe in it, so this Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab did what he was doing to defend his Islam which is a terror theory. Moslems start getting training of murdering their opponents at the age of 7 days, so how do you expect anyone to change when they grow up?

Someone said that, he blames his parents for teaching him religion, it sounds to be true, but Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was and is now a grown up man who can make right choices and decisions. He was educated and intelligent, meaning that he do have the capacity to think rationally. Actually, it’s this rational part of thinking that made him know that killing his father and fellow Nigerians will look bad, so he rather kill Americans and other Nationals of different countries!

Take it from me, with no fear of Moslems, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was following the true teaching of the Qur'an and now that he knows how the world will point to the true Quranic teachings that he presents dejection and loneliness as a scapegoat to drive criticism away from his religion, in other words, he is defending Islam by pointing to depression, and he had been successful on that having won the compassion of my atheist friend.

Finally, I would like you to examine Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as an Islamic bomber not as a Nigerian, for I do have several Nigerians that I know to be good citizens of this planet and peace loving, caring and respecting others.

Readers are invited to respond with your opinions about the bomber and what I wrote


leslie baxster said...

this is a great article.... I was looking forward about it......

loneliness and depression
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Anonymous said...

This is a nice issue where we can cope up with stress...

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. This article is ignorant. I am an atheist but openminded, I am also have a doctorate in psychology and have bipolar, but the Quran and islamic faith has nothing to do with this. All three major religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam contain violent material in their spiritual teachings at some point but many do not follow them. This was was very disturbed. You my friend had situational depression, meaning that because of your environment you had suffered from depression. But this many obviously was clinically depressed with psychotic tendencies. The only way to feel alive for him was to have control of killing others and himself. Do not bring religion into this. Radical Islamic teaching have nothing to do with this. If this man was Christian I do not think the media would even bring it up that the Bible is violent, when indeed it is. So please take the time to learn what you are talking about and not spread hate and bias. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

firsty I just like to add for a person who claims to be so lonely and not know anyone to have Nigerian friends and no they are good citizens makes me wonder how lonely exactly you are. in addition for a person to have lived on the streets all their lifes claiming to have had a bad upbrining congratulations for learning English articulately.

however it seems as though your lack of knowledge of islam seems to be bursting through my computer screen for such a 'horrible' religion to have thousands of reverts every year must mean something atheists turning to Islam Christians and all other faiths hence there ust be something really appealing about the religion oh yes the glorious Quran =the truth and doesn't mention violence or advocate hatred so please stop reading propaganda and start research.