Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bashir Finally Wanted by the ICC!

Its always very hard to start writting when you are in Africa.There are just too many issues to talk about from Men who beat and torture their wives in the name of love,corruption,highest inflations,failing states,state sponsored homophobia,religions,ritual killings,denial of the right to live in a better organised enviroment,just name it and the list is endles, and you can talk years and years and nothing changes.When you are someone who believes in a just society,then you get dissapointed all the time.And it gets worth when you are using the internet cafes to write,because you spend your money there and you see no results of the compaigns you are carrying on,may be am just skeptical!

I want to say that,yesterday 4th March 2009,the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued the arrest orders for the Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir to face charges against War crimes in the Sudanese region of Darfur,the first of its kind in our modern political enviroment. This is a very big challenge for the ICC,there are many questions on how Bashir will be arrested,who will arrest him?

The ICC requests that the Government of Sudan itself should be cooperative on this matter,this means that before anyone else,the Sudanese authority should be the first to hand him to the Hague,or in a little knowledge,Bashir should hand himself to the ICC,something that cannot happen now.

There are 108 member states that make up ICC,so any member of it can arrest Bashir if he visits,but what if he stays home until when he dies?

I have been folowing this issue from July 2008 when the prosecutor of the ICC first put this matter on table,there are many questions,less answers. How many people should be brought to the ICC?

USA is a member of the ICC but it does not believe in it when it comes to its citizens who commits the war crimes,why is Bush,the former President of USA is not on arrest warrant for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? What are the criteria used by the ICC to see how should face the books of law and who should not?

While i support the ICC move and would appreciate the corrective responsibility of all the ICC member states to arrest Bashir,we should know that there are many people who should face it including Tony Blair,former UK prime minister,Former President Bush for the killings of Iraqi people,then the President of Uganda,Museveni and many more. We should also not forget if,this move can really help the people of Darfur, lets wait and see.

Beera Bulungi(be safe)


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