Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ugandan Anti-homosexuality bill is dead, what next for Uganda?

Am happy the state put the Anti-homosexuality bill 2009,popularly known as the “Bahati bill” in trash.  Not only will Uganda not pass the Anti homosexuality Bill, but David Bahati and James Nsaba Buturo will become laughing stocks in Uganda and throughout Africa

                                                            Map of Belarus
There will be Gay Pride parades in Uganda--soon.  They will be met with some violence at first, but in the next year, there will be less opposition.  See article on Belarus as an example. The ugliness of Pastor Ssempa and the Red Pepper will be exposed and discussed. With your (my readers) help, atheism will spread as long as we gather facts of how oppressive and irrational religion is.

I'm especially outraged that within the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is the insistence that homosexuality is a choice and is not natural. I take this opportunity to  remind my audience that the Bible or the Qur'an are not science books.  They're books of fantasy and fiction and because people erroneously BELIEVE that they are true, end up doing a lot of harm to others and themselves.  When people are deliberately disabled because of ignorance and hatred, everyone loses. 

The situation in Uganda is the same as like that of all oppressive Countries across the globe. I have directed my support to this noble cause of making Uganda a much friendlier, peaceful, lively Country for all people including homosexuals. 

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