Friday, May 07, 2010

Did a historical Jesus exist?

This is funny, but can you see yourself on that cross? I'm sure some Ugandans would like to see me in that position.

There is no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed, and much against it. And if he can't be bothered to reveal himself to show that he does indeed exist, I doubt he'd be surprised or heartbroken over someone doubting it.

One of religion's tools is emotional blackmail. The entire concept of hell is morally reprehensible. The fact that Jesus was said to have preached it, the fact that he worshiped a god that ordered genocides and the slaughter of infants, the fact that he was prejudiced against others outside of his ethnic group, that he treated his own mother poorly, killed a tree (that didn't belong to him) ... for not bearing fruit of out season when he could have made it bloom, ordered his followers to steal a donkey, didn't know a bat wasn't a bird, didn't know the earth wasn't flat, didn't do anything to add to our knowledge base about the world or our bodies, actually preached hatred as a requirement of following him, shows that he was far from perfect, far from omniscient, far from anything other than perhaps a radical preacher (if he existed) who was enveloped after his death in pre-existing mythology. And any good tenets that he offered didn't take a genius to figure out, and were mores already practiced in many other societies.

I actually heard from a woman sticking up for the concept of hell two nights ago. She said she does not question her god and that she would personally burn and torture her son forever if that is what god wanted from her.

Where is the morality in that? It is not moral of a god, it is not moral of a human. It is a dangerous dogma. If that woman were to succumb to mental illness (if she is not already) and were to hear the voice of god telling her to murder her child- she would do so without question. It's what her beliefs have programmed her to do.
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Sara said...

Okay, so I get what you are saying here. I, myself, believe in God, but not necessarily the one the bible portrays. I am not sure if I believe in the whole Jesus thing either, and I think half of the stories in the bible are bullshit. But, I do believe that there is some sort of divine being in existance, who I like to pray to sometimes, and I like the idea of a heaven and a hell. This might be just to assure myself that my life has a purpose and that there is something good waiting for me when I die, and something horrible waiting for evil people when they die, but it is my way of coping I guess.