Thursday, November 04, 2010

The suffering of this Kid moved me.

The mother of this kid (in picture below) appeared on NBS’ Ttitie’s show. She was so desperate about the future of her kid, given that her elder kid died at the age of six, which not only destroyed her cohabiting marriage, but severely punished her emotionally. I will not focus on the life of the mother and how she lived her life, I picked interest in this child and the show (I rarely tune in to this show, its full of crap). According to the woman, her kid is suffering from an unknown disease and from her words, she wasn’t on the show to fundraise for treatment but to seek answers to the number of questions she had about the health of her kid.

The father of the kid disowned her. He claimed that the disease is originating from her ancestral fathers and that she is also a Murundi (Ugandans of Burundian descent).The woman have done everything to secure the health of her kid like a loving mum. She claims that she went to Mulago hospital and EXPERTS couldn’t trace the disease, (the religious and superstitious host of the show, lacks the ability to investigate, critically analyze and examine issues, so there was no verifiable document to prove that the Medical experts in Mulago hospital failed to find the illness) she turned her attention to superstition both in churches and shrines, to name it where she become a victim and being conned. I took interest to try to ask her several questions of which she was not able to answer right. Death of this woman's first child must be taken in stride. In other words, one must resign one's self to this outcome.

I called the woman, and requested if she could share with me the picture of the kid and if it’s okay to share it with my online community and she agreed, she gave me a go ahead. I have seen the kid, she is disfigured (this pictures presents the illness in its initial stage).She is in great pain. No one seems to understand the kid’s life and suffering at the moment. The Host  of Ttitie's show should have engaged a medical professional from both the Ministry of Health and Mulago hospital.

I was puzzled as to why Ttitie didn’t go to Mulago hospital and investigate if it was the case that the mother was there and that medical professionals couldn’t find the cause of disease.

Why didn’t the TV host, before she presents superstitious victims to the superstitious audience, seek the Ugandan Government observation on most the issues she presents?

This was a health issue that can affect the whole society, so why didn’t the host seek answers from the Ministry of Health?

For several reasons, I have chosen to say that Ttitie's show, instead of helping societies to seek answers and apply critical examinations of anything, it's doing the opposite.  At the end of the day, it does more harm than good to the general public.

As you observe and take a critical look at the picture, what do you think the problem is? Have you seen it before? Do you have any good links to help us understand this illness?

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