Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I sometimes find myself in a place where there appears to be nothing in particular to blog about;although in reality there is a multitude of thoughts taking place in my head at the same time,none of which has been articulated to the point of lending itself to literation in a blog post.

Its as if the mind is being pulled in different directions.But thankfully, this blog exists and it provides a means by which to vent some of the emotion,the frustration and more. I think I need to learn how to concentrate on individual thoughts more consciously and do less on many issues which I am so liable.

I stay in a country where oppression,violations of human rights,strong religious beliefs are so deep.This religious stand is attached on almost everything in an African life,even when its not necessary.

Oppression of one sort or another is endemic among humans and includes parental bossiness; bullying; street violence; and systematic, institutionalised repression of groups and individuals for reasons as varied as ethnic and racial difference,intellectual superiority or inferiority,gender,religious beliefs,atheism,sexual orientation,wealth or poverty,perceived social class. Oppression matters because it diminishes us as humans and many sufferers never recover,becoming street-kids,dropouts,depressives,suicidal, substance abusers, criminals,insane.

Everyone in our society has been forced at some time or other into operating as both oppressor and oppressed. Until we understand the deeper nature of oppression,our struggle to end it will be in vain.We will continue looking for "the enemy out there" and thus carry on the long,sad history of desperate,bewildered human beings replacing dictators with tyrants; Kings and Queens with Presidents.

I stay in a small house that i pay on a monthly basis.Am the only Atheist around,i have seen people dehumanizing me,cursing me,some even attempted top poison me and this sent alerts to my brain always to be extra cautious. Some times,i feel unhappy,just for things that may neighborhood do,and whenever i try to say how if feel,am either being seen as someone who is thinks to be special.

Just imagine,music from evening to almost midnight at a loud deafening sound and you have to keep quite. My landlord and the entire neighborhood are doing nothing.Tonight i had a bad sleep as a result of loud music,when i complained,they switch power off for the tenant who was playing music and they left me with power, still my fresh crept for this as i thought,that's not the right way to handle it.As i write this,i still feel madness over that.

What would you do if you got my point? or if you are in my shoes?

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Deborah said...

I probably wouldn't have complained but that is not necessarily the right thing to do. However, in general it seems to me that you take too much responsibility for the way things are. What you can change, then try to change, but what you can't change, just let go of.