Monday, August 23, 2010

Africa is facing the worst Political segmentations in most Countries,but Can this help to create Justice,deep democracy and good Governance?

Nigeria has a lot in common with Uganda,not only in natural resources but also in political mindset. They have continue to have inland political segmentation to create more political zones but will this help to strengthen democracy in Africa?

I Met a Nigerian from Lagos state during my evening walk yesterday, and we had a discussion on Ibadan, Oyo State.  The people of this state capital want to form a state of their own and separate themselves from the rural people.  This, because the heads of state (of Oyo) are so corrupt that they can never bring themselves to share the resources that pour into Ibadan with the rural people.

Nigeria already has 36 states.  For that size country, they don't need any more states.

Okay, so what's going to happen is that Ibadan will become a state, and the rural people of Oyo will then create a new capital which will attract more corrupt politicians who will be doing the same thing as the Ibadan politicians.

What they need is to get to the core of corruption throughout the country.  And that will only happen when Nigeria has 100% literacy which is needed for a healthy democracy.  But education of the masses is bad for the class of corrupt politicians and ministers of religion.  Poorly educated people are more likely to listen to, submit and obey corrupt religious and political leaders rather than reason among themselves to determine which leaders will act to benefit of everyone.

I know Nigerians and they are extremely religious people--as are Liberians and most other people in Africa. Although Christians and Muslims project an image that without religion there would be great corruption; in truth, it is because they have religion that there is so much corruption and violence.

Take, for example, the series of bloody riots between Christians and Muslims in Jos, Plateau State.  This is because they have been taught to pour their love into a nonexistent god instead of learning to love their fellow man.  Secularists (Humanists) are more likely to find non-violent solutions to issues that arise amongst them than religious people who are more likely to engage in bloody violence, confident that their god is on their side.

Besides, since religion appeals to poorly educated people, they lack the ability to reason. Deadly violence is their only way to win the argument.

Christian propaganda says that we can only love our fellow man "through the blood and suffering of Our Lord Jesus Christ--Amen."  (The piety of Christians always turns my stomach).

And yet the Christians are themselves responsible for the corruption in their country.  But the sheep are taught that if you suffer enough here on Earth, you will get a front seat in Heaven.  This must be the reason Christians/Muslims rarely rise up against corruption.  It reminds me of the white slave masters in America who taught their slaves that if you work real hard here on Earth, you will be allowed to sit in God's kitchen.

 The garbage that people believe in is very sad.  There is little hope for Africa, for as long as there is religion, there will be wars and rumours of wars always.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The power of Joseph.

It's kind of amazing that all the world's governments cannot stop Joseph Kony and his religious murderous cult.  What power this man has!  20+ years and the world cannot stop him!. My friend once wrote to me and said "Joseph Kony is  worse than Osama bin Laden--not much worse", but still worse than. Uganda LRA rebels 'on massive forced recruitment drive' Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has been accused of going on a massive forced recruitment campaign in remote areas of central Africa.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Mother and Fan of my Blog,

On 14th Aug 2010, I received a comment in one of my articles from a mother. She wrote this.
Micheal, am not sure what to say. Am ma mother and would die if i saw my son go thru that. Why do human do that?You can always go back to school, or do online courses.Am speechless may be my next comment i will be more calm. Am so mad at every relative of yours and your father doesent deserve to called a father ....
I wanted to reply her using a full article.I have replied her as if am replying my own. I have done this in a form of a letter below.

Dear Mother:
When I found myself on the streets, every day--every single day--was a struggle just to stay alive.  I didn't have time for school for approximately the same reasons many kids drop out of school to work on the farm.  Except in my case, I didn't have family, farm, or other industry to help me.  I was lucky, however.  I was born male. We find thousands of kids every year in Uganda who simply die of starvation, or were abducted for the international sex industry and who end up dead.  We don't hear the details from these kids.  But I'm alive and learned the English language and became computer literate--so that with me, you can hear from one who managed to survive.

Having been there, like so many others, I pay attention to what happens to kids in other countries.  In India, a kid or adult can die in the streets of Calcutta and people just step over them.  Eventually, someone comes along and picks up the rotting carcass.

There are many reasons why I'm an atheist.  And one of them is the utter irresponsibility of ministers of religion (imams, priests, preachers) who condemn birth control and abortions and who bully their uneducated flock into having as many children as a woman can produce--regardless whether they can support all those children for a full 18 years.

People who give ANY money to any mosque or church have contributed to my difficult struggle just to stay alive. For the kids who died--FIRST blame the religious leaders.  And they do lead--to the path of abject poverty and death--all in the name of their nonexistent god.  But the uneducated don't know that there is no god.

The religious organisations are tax free which gives them tremendous advantages over commercial businesses. They get away with this through their propaganda of "aiding poor people."  First, the religious leaders promote overpopulation (which creates greater demand for diminishing supplies of goods), so the poor turn to their oppressors for help.   Hey, this is a fantastic trick that works as long as people believe in the god idea and contribute money to these horrible organisations.

In fact, churches do NOT aid poor people.  They create them and keep them in a state of poverty and ignorance in order to milk them of money from their hard-earned wages.  Businesses adore religion because multitudes of poor people competing for limited jobs keeps them in slavery.  America isn't the only country who thrived on slaves. 

Slavery made by religions are an everyday reality here in Africa.  This exists here in Africa because we've adopted religions (foreign or local) instead of taking a scientific approach to life.  By taking a scientific approach to this problem created by religions, we look at a given area--like the nation of Uganda.  We look at wildlife and how much room animals need to survive and sustain their populations.  We look at how much water is available to the people of this area and how many hectors of farm land is needed to sustain a given population.  We look at the human population to see how many fish will be removed from lakes and streams, and how much wildlife will be removed from the forests.  We look at the rate of natural recovery of what humans take.  We then look at the garbage generated by humans and what we can do with it.  Scientific investigation is difficult--religious explanations are so simple.

The area of Uganda can comfortably support no more than Eight million people.  No more than that. With 8 million people held at zero population growth, EVERY child could sleep in a bed--not on the ground.  Every child and young adult could have a full education--including four years of college, free of charge.  Everyone would have a job.  We could more easily control pollution of the land, water and air.  But Uganda does not have 8 million college-educated and working people.   Ironically--because of severe overpopulation.

But do you hear one single imam or preacher instructing their uneducated flock to limit their families to no more than two children?  Do you hear them describe a good life without any children?  No.  What you hear is condemnation of abortions, birth control, and homosexuality (for those born with this orientation). 

The one piece of garbage that is growing in our society is the Bible and the Qur'an.  These holy books are murderously harmful to society.  Maybe they served some usefulness 2,000-3,000 years ago, but they sure are hell in today's society.

And to answer the question of the mother: Yes, I would like to get an education.  I have a sponsor waiting for me in America, but the U.S. Embassy takes my money ($390 per application) and denies me a visa.  The American Embassy in Nairobi and Kampala  needs to be investigated for this foul practice. I can also take Education in Uganda if the situation enables me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

USA--dealing with voter fraud

In this case, the voter fraud was committed by the Republic Party--and particularly, George Bush.  And on top of that, Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices gave George Bush the 2000 election, when all of us (the whole World)  know perfectly well that Al Gore won the election by at least a million votes!  (Al Gore was the Vice President under Bill Clinton)

This action under the Obama Administration is smart.  Finally, poor people, whether they decide to vote Democratic, Green, Independent, Libertarian or Republican--get a chance to vote.   All parties are controlled by the rich, but the Republican Party is the party for the Christians and Big Businesses.

This move is smart also because it may ensure one more liberal on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Right now, it's tilted toward the conservatives. Decisions, favouring the conservatives is 5-4.  With one more liberal in the next eight years, the Supreme Court will finally vote in favour of issues that benefit the workers, civil rights, and Separation of State from Church.  I wish if this can happen in Uganda too.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'China executed "several thousand" people in 2009'

'China executed "several thousand" people in 2009'

 Note the young officer wearing white gloves--as though properly positioning the young man to be executed is a clean act.  In this photo, I count about 10 young men lined up to be executed. The word "several" means three or more.  So "several thousand" would make for busy days, five days a week, every week, every year.  And if you look in the background of the attached photo, there are spectators hearing reports from guns and watching bodies slump to the ground. For them, this is exciting entertainment.

The young men in uniforms and white gloves--how do they sleep at night after killing some humans? What is their relationship to their wives, children, neighbours?  Yes, some of the condemned have committed brutal crimes.  But I suspect the vast majority--like in the United States--have done nothing more than transport heroin, cocaine or marijuana to willing customers.  For this business transaction, they were murdered by the State. 

And what justifies this horror against fellow humans?  In China it's the ideology of Communism.  In the United States and throughout Africa and the Arab world, it's the ideology of Christianity and Islam.

Monday, August 02, 2010

How to solve religious fundamentalism.

I did attend the first freethinkers' night in Kampala since the 11/7/2010 bombings in Kampala.I was reluctant to go because I thought,many people will not attend. To my surprised,the number even went up,new faces cropped up and all of them said that they liked the debate which was "Religious Fundamentalism & Terrorism" was very captivating.

The reason religious fundamentalism is dangerous is that once an edict in a religious document has been labeled “the will of God” or “God’s command”, in the mind of the believer that edict is immutable, unchallengeable, and unquestionable.

The fundamentalist believer acting on that edict cannot be persuaded through reason or logic to reconsider his actions or prejudices because to do so would, in his mind, constitute heresy and/or disobedience to the supreme ‘God’.

But I am trying to think of solutions to terrorism. When you are troubled with all the atrocities committed by religions, you can easily run out of options. I have been thinking about the rewards which these terrorists envisions and all the imaginational life styles in the skies. The good life in heaven and the virgins. Now the solution can be, empowering them to work harder here and establish that good life other than imagining it in the skies. We can also find virgins for them to marry! Can this solve the problem?

I personally don't think supplying virgins to these killers would solve the problem.  It would only make more problems for the women who are supposed to submit their bodies to these self-hating individuals.  If they hate life and themselves so much that they're willing to commit suicide by killing others, one can only imagine the woman they come in contact with would be grossly mistreated.

I don't know much about this aspect of the Islamic religion, but perhaps only virgins in heaven would do--but virgins on earth would not be acceptable to them.

It's all ignorance and insanity with these Islamic men.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Great News for all of us - Male Dominance is losing its power !!!!

This article is about medication that will be available to women worldwide. It's called misoprostol. It is used for ulcers and can save lives of women with postpartum hemorrhages and now it can be used to induce abortions.

Let's consider the last sentence of the article: "As word spreads among women worldwide about what a few pills can do, it’s hard to see how politicians can stop this gynecological revolution." Very carefully written. If it were my article, I would have written "It's hard to see how politicians, husbands, priests and imams can stop this gynecological revolution."

The world's population will reach Seven Billion by next year--2011. I'm hoping, that with this medication, the world will more quickly start experiencing a decline in population--and the Catholic Bishops won't be able to do a damn thing about it! Women will finally take control of their own bodies--and it can't happen soon enough.

With misoprostol, wives can pretend to want another child as much as her husband, but still, unbeknownst to him, be taking the abortion medication because in fact, she doesn't want any more children or any children at all. African/Ugandan women living in anti-abortion Countries can take misoprostol at home without risking arrest.

However, what I fear is that women may be forced to have their blood tested to see if they have been taking abortion medication, and if discovered that they had, would be severely punished. I don't think this will happen because misoprostol will remain legal.

Nonetheless, I'm am pleased to no end to see that Male Dominance is losing its power and that medical science is continuing to push back the Institution of Religion until it withers away--like Communism.

I hope this also leads to women having children only if they want them and have the resources to raise them properly. Misoprostol isn't the end of the line for effective abortion pills. Medical technology will continue to march on to meet the demand.For those who have written on my blogsite that abortion must not be tolerated--my question with a smile is: Gee, what can you do about this?