Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Atheists visit cult leader continued....

This is the continuation of the atheist trip to a cult leader that I posted on this blog. Writing sometimes gets tougher when added with other schedules you have to meet in daily routine of life. This is why I advise those who are learning to write like me, not to be attempted to post any unfinished article, otherwise you may end in the direction which you happen not to like at all. This is one of the few unfinished conversations that I have ignored simply because my daily programme is tight. I hope you have a place in your beautiful heart not to judge me.

We gave Fatboy sometime to finish his daily morning show. I and the students chose to visit a coffee shop and this was Steers just across Entebbe road. We arrived at a junction, street lights crossing junction on Entebbe road, I was ahead of J and her friends. When I turned and looked behind, J was kissing S in front of the police and all the passengers in the taxi was looking on, I felt sorry for J, she walks like she is in Australia, I imagined her being arrested in my present, I really felt sorry for her. Uganda is a dangerous zone for both gays and lesbians. These students were in Uganda on a very critical debate of the ant-homosexuality bill 2009 currently in Uganda. All pass by people noticed the acts of J who also sensed the mood of the public and quickly ran and jumped on my back. She pretended to be very playful and cheerful gal. She was a brave lady, very smiling and beautiful, I couldn’t stop admiring her to be honest. Some women had got some exceptional beauty and I think Fat boy can agree with me on this. Well at least J’s capacity to reason quickly saved us from the religious fanatics of this lovely Country Uganda.

Fat boy came and took us into his car. We traveled and arrived in Bulenga, we left the car in a parking point where we paid 1000 UGX and loaded a border-border. We arrived there at 1pm, removed our shoes off, put off the gadgets and went in front of the cult holy place, this was my second visit. Previously we came to meet the cult leader and when we refused to pay money and she wanted, she told us to return on this day, and we were willing to pay in some money if this was going to win us a filming and interview of this lady Nalongo. The students were willing to cough in almost 30,000 UGX (US$15) even though they were on budget just to have an interview and have pictures taken.

It was shinning very hot, we sat on papyrus mat, it was so hot that J and her friends choose to apply lotions to prevent sunshine, every time they were accused of sitting badly, we went through this simply because we wanted an interview. The audience kept on warning us on the severe punishment as a result of what they said to be our “provocative” behavior towards the holy, invisible divine human known as “Tonda” whom you call God or Allah, here they named him/her( yes its not known if these invisible humans are men or women) “Tonda”. This was one of the worst moments I have ever experienced. Just like the students, Fat boy hardly speak any of our indigenous language and I do not judge him, I had a task of translating from Luganda to English.

After 20 minutes with no attention, Nalongo called a guy whom I recall as Lukwago. Lukwago run on his knees to Nalongo and after several minutes, Lukwago came and brought a message from Nalongo the ghost. (note that there are times when Nalongo was speaking as a visible human being and times when she changes her voice to manipulate her audience and when this come, she pretends that a divine being came and sat on her)

Lukwago said that, Nalongo the divine invisible being will not accept talking to us until when we go through a ritual sessions and cleansing. We said that its fine if we do everything on Camera, the congregation shouted naaaaaah in protest of our request. Lukwago went ahead on by giving us lectures on how Tonda (invisible divine being) is the only saviour of this troubled planet, the new kind of Jesus Christ and TONDA is doing his/her work through Nalongo. This was total shit to we the atheists.

After we choose not to go through the sessions, she invited us closer to supreme holy divine seat where only exceptional individuals can reach but this time we choose NOT to give in money.

Nalongo (in pretendance of being shadowed the divine being) accused me of looking for money and being an opportunist,not sure how but I guessed she meant that am a traitor and that being a Muganda is a direct duty not to question anything in our traditions, she requested us to be converted to her beliefs, that’s the only thing we need but not interviews and pictures, she claimed that if we needed money, she can give us some, all of these things came from Nalongo the divine being and that she owns the Universe, she then asked Fat boy his names of which he replied his foreign name and she asked Fatboy is an' African name, then my troubled friend Fatboy replied his African name and then she asked his tribe and he replied Acholi. Nalongo who looked more like a drunkard lady gave up on Fat boy while her un convinced face looked directly in my eyes, to Nalongo,Fatboy was a Muganda pretending not to be a Muganda,Nalong seemed to think that all black people should be Baganda, to me this was an act of discriminating both the whites and Fat boy simply because they were not speaking Luganda and it was worse when it came to Fat boy. Nalongo strongly referred to the Australian students as her own lost children yet she didn’t embrace me and Fat boy. But this is all what Gods/Allah or divine beings do, discriminate.

We shaked her hands and put on our bags that we left on mats, as we reached our shoes, J open the back to take out her sunglasses, its at this point the congregation saw the camera and thought J wanted to take pictures, so they walked up to us, denouncing and demonizing us until we ran for our dear life and called the border-border guys to save us from mob justice which is also a norm in Ugandan society now.

We drove to Kampala, and filmed Rubaga Cathedral and Namirembe Cathedral, we left our friends there, as I was driving with Fat boy returning to his place of work, he told me how his workmate reported him as someone committing blasphemy in the management of Sanyu Fm meeting. Fat boy said that he also wrote back saying that every-time a Christian says "God bless you" its an insult to him, his bosses backed off but this proved to me that Fat boy can loose his job any time because he is giving in more secular views and comments in addition to inviting secular commentators. The next day, Fat boy invited me on the show to comment of the trip. As I was in the studio, I warned the public always to question before jumping on something strange as it may result into more death and loss of property and lives just as it was on Kibwetere in Kanungu. I also warned the public to always see and observe, it’s very clear that cult leaders hate journalists and cameras. If you see that someone is not a friend to journalists and Cameras, insist on asking “Why” do not stop asking. Seek answers where it’s necessary even when the environments look healthier and normal.

As a result of these cults, both old and new, we are witnessing terrible ritual murdering of both children and elders, property destructions of those they suspect to be in witchcrafts, all faith and organized religions are cults, the only difference is in number and others are endorsed by state and enshrined in our laws as true religions that are acceptable. We have witnessed sexual scandals in them too, fraud of funds from the audiences and lots of more. We must say no to any form of state sponsored organized religion of faith as Pentecostals call themselves. It’s on record that 99% of the worst crimes against humanity are done and influenced by these organized cults of all times.

Through the names of the ever venerated invisible deities, humanity faced oppression, wars, holy massacre of innocents and genocides under their orders. Believable evidence is also on record that these men, namely Allah, Mohammed, Jesus, Budha ,God are responsible for the continued misery and sorrow in Africa. They also failed to end apartheid against the black people in South Africa.

It’s this kind of crimes that I strongly declare Allah, God, Mohammed, Jesus and their agents that we have today as the worst terrorist criminals and enemies of Humanity. I will not stop seeking their trial under the jurisdiction of the Internal Criminal Court of Justice.

These men, through their self-made terrorist manuals, namely Quran Bible, Torah and Hadith, they have promoted nepotism, death of innocents and promoted wars, famine,fear and loss of property.

These criminals are also responsible for the destruction of property in Asia by endorsing tsunami, they are responsible for destruction and loss of lives in New Olreans, Haiti, and in Northern Uganda, Rwanda Genocide, Kanungu massacre and all the droughts we are witnessing today, can anyone help me arrest them. These men are also responsible for impersonations, fraud and intimidations, massive and gloss deception its kind of the human history.

On Tuesday, 5th January 2010, the New Vision reported a member of this cult having neglected and starved his grandchildren to die in Luweero district. He was arrested together with other family members and later confessed to be trained and mentored by Nalongo. Read about this here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why I oppose circumcision as a way of HIV/AIDS prevention tool.

I have opposed and continue opposing circumcision as a tool to fight HIV/AIDS. There are many reasons and issues associated with this act way back in history of human kind. So reasons are religious, cultural and in some cases, it was used to humiliate slaves by colonial businessmen and masters.

These are my reasons why I oppose circumcision. I don’t see how active it may be in terms of preventing AIDS/HIV. Researchers and promoters of this barbaric act say that in Uganda, it prevents 51% of the transmission, in Kenya they say 53% and in South Africa 50+. This was revealed by Dr.Makobore, a practicing surgeon in Mulago Hospital (National referral hospital) to be my personal Doctor while appearing on Sanyu FM breakfast show on 26th January 2010 but still, while I honor, admire and respect him as one of the best Doctors Uganda had produced, I disagree with him on circumcision.

If this act, prevents HIV/AIDS transmission by more than 51%,why are we witnessing more HIV/AIDS death in Moslem communities in Uganda, why it’s the same comes in Mbale, a region known to take this barbaric act as traditional transfer of boys to manhood and almost 99.0% of residents in this area are circumcised!

Why the HIV/AIDS transmission is is alarming in Kenya where 53 out of 54 tribes circumcise culturally? This is the same thing in South Africa. So do you think 50+% is very small not to be seen by ordinary (Not scientists) men like me?

From my point of view, campaigners and promoters of this action are simply in business and making huge money, it’s the only remaining tunnel for money inflow for NGOs. In 2004, I checked with the NGO forum of Uganda and was alarmed to note that during this time, there were 5000 registered member NGOs registered by this forum that focus on the field of HIV/AIDS business only. So now, you can must imagine the number of NGOs making money on HIV/AIDS. This paves a way that the message they take to the public is no longer strong, they themselves made the ABC strategy inactive, its now circumcision that brings in money and keep them running. This is a money scam of its kind and no wonder it’s attracting attention in both EU states and USA.

It’s your right to reject my observation just as it is my right to reject the message. You can go ahead and promote or practice this act but that’s you. Do not try to impose it on others as the Government of Uganda wants to do.I have met and talked to individuals who were circumcised during their childhood and now feel very sad and they want their foreskin back,these are people in their 40S,50 and 60s? Why is this like that? Is that barbaric action is really nice and disease preventor?

There must be a role played by circumcision in prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS but the percentage cannot be such a big percentage of 50+% and we must be careful on disregarding that role. In saving lives, each percentage matter a lot but let us not exaggerate facts. It creates no volume when the results are not visible to ordinary man like me.

Finally, I strongly feel and stand on the fact that safer condom practice is the best option. We can also add on that “better free arranged sexual education in schools with no censorship” can do wonderful work in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs related infections NOT circumcision. Researchers have demonstrated and proved that Children who were taught on sexual behavior take long to engage in sexual acts and when they do, they are always able to make right decisions before sexual engagement.

Life is precious, enjoy it as you can safely by using condoms

Sunday, January 24, 2010

If you do not care about the healthy of your Neighbour, community, how will you care about your Country?

What kind of neighbor or resident are you in your community? Are you a self centered, not open-minded, proud and full of yourself kind of human being? I have decided to open this article with those questions for only one particular reason, that’s our environment within our home boundaries.

Am very disturbed by increasing bags and hills of wastes dumped on all the enrooting corners of our community throughout Kampala. It’s like Kampala’s streets and all the roads in the suburbs are dumping sites but who is doing this dumping? Kampala is so dirty but those with cars on push their screens up and pretend not to see the problem. Apparently, it’s clear that it’s these owners of these cars who pay small boys to carry the bags of wastage and dump it on the sidewalks and on all roadsides of our roads. I have personally witnessed a car stopping on to dump a big bag of banana peels into the trench of the road. This act is very selfish, 95% of Ugandans are religious, and so this act is sin since it’s a result of selfishness. To atheists like me, we do not sin but we can break the law, so how should we address this?

I took time to meditate on the residence of my landlord. I have been staying in this home (I stay in the same closet with my landlord) from December 2009. The tap of the running water is very close to my entrance, that’s where we all correct water. On the morning of my first morning in this parameter wall, I observed that the grown up-educated youth (children of my landlord) come on this tap to clean their faces and brush their teeth. The sounding from their mouth and the noise made by the running water was not good to me especially when it’s always at 6am, when I awake up. I went to see and guess what, the boys spit everywhere, the whites Colgate and the thick flue-like fluids were left on under the tap and it didn’t look nice, so I complained to my landlord. Nothing have been done to stop this activity, am allergic to it and as a result, I have decided to always the brush and clean the place, even though I have done it continuously, these so called younger people, can’t have an idea that what they are doing is simply not right hygienically and socially.

Previously, they were dumping the wastes outside the parameter wall. They used to go and burn the wastes up, and the smoke could go through the ventilators and into my house, my entire rooms and clothes all smelt the smoke of the wastes and I complained, nothing was done, so I made it a decision that every time they light up the wastes, I go instantly and pour water in it. And this forced them to rethink what they were doing. I proposed a better waste collection which seems like not creating sense to them, so now all wastes are there. Am observing what will be done on it.
This weekend, I chose to walk around the premises to check where all the water from our residence goes!. I was alarmed to note that it runs through other people’s homes, and stinting so badly, our neighborhood is note complaining because they are doing the same thing-letting their wastes run through other people’s home, it’s like an acceptable norm of the society. Almost every year, Kampala gets more cholera outbreaks especially during rainy season, many lives got lost, and why can’t we learn lessons from that? Cholera is a simple disease to prevent, but how will you prevent it when you are not doing the right thing for the environment within our boundaries? Be a model to others by improving dumping process.

Kampala is a very small place. People own very small pieces of land where they simply have their residence inside an enclosement of a parameter wall, mostly its 50ft by 100ft.Everyone is squeezed. The townships are not well planned; the authorities seem to be powerless to enforce the law since they are always being disrupted by supporters of the ruling political party. Kampala is rotten, nasty and not a good living place. What can we do? Can’t we save the country from rubbish and bad management? If you do not care about your community and allow your wastage run through their homes, how will you care about the city and the country? When will we stop politicking and endorse smooth service delivery for city dwellers?

We the city dwellers deserve better, clean and smooth delivery, be part of that campaigns by improving g your dumping behavior!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Its in the glass now, the message from Religions is expired and need a replacement of free-thought and rationalism. Do you agree?

I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent almost half of my day attending a MDD (Music, Dance and Drama) weekend organized by a Catholic church at St Charles Lwanga Catholic Parish in Jinja Kaloli (am not sure if this is the true name of the church),a kilometer from Bombo Road just before reaching Mattuga township.

I have a problem of attending events other than those which influence policies and promote rational thinking. . Those who observe my life styles had recently criticised me for that, they not only pointed on my poor attending of events,. they went ahead even to mention how stupid I may be for not supporting any sports activity, not even foot, worse still, not sporting the premier league of United Kingdom. The previous week, I received two graduation parties of which I turned down even though the organiser are students I have known for so long and do been reminding me of the parties almost every week for now two months. You see, am not an outdoor person, I keep my inner self for me, so please do not blame me... if you invite me and I turn disappoint you.

Again in the same week, I received an invitation for a younger lady to attend the Youth MDD competition organized by the Catholic, there were many Catholic churches participating. This lady wanted me to see how she dances, how she do her own thing, how she can drive masses. I turned the invitation down for no clear reason but this lady was not giving up for on me until the last hour. She even called me at night to confirm if I will be attending. I was asleep but had to awake up to confirm if I had any clean clothes to put on. All my trousers were dirty and I told her I will not be attending. She told me that I must wash the trouser at night in that, by morning it will be ready for the event. I agreed to do so but I didn’t wash the trouser. I went ahead with my sleep.

In the morning at 6am, she texted me if I will be attending and to her surprise I said NO, she almost fainted and I could hear her on phone, its her voice on phone that made me get out of my bed at 7am and washed my trouser, the shirts were clean, thanks to the great hot sunshine of Africa/Uganda. Within few hours, my trousers was okay, I ironed it and when 1PM arrived, I was ready with hope that the even will start at least at 2pm. I got my boarder-boarder cyclist to Jinja Kaloli.

Having cruised through the dusty and open clouds of dusty, I eventually arrived at Jinja Kaloli at around 1:45 minutes. I was luck to arrive simply in the last minute of getting the events start. I always hate that area where organizers of the event start late than the actual hour announced. I got sat myself in front of the audience and everything was okay. Trying myself to absorb the message from the songs and drama. The message was not that suitable for our generation. It was expired. The same old wine but in new bottles.

The whole drama was about how to stick to God, Jesus and the Virgin Mary, how they can only be the answer to the problems affecting Family and society. Almost every 15 minutes, the MC was begging the audience to donate money to the dramatists. So money becomes the dominant issue.

When the church leaders of the youth came to talk….. (sometimes am very careful using the word youth, the law in Uganda stipulates that a youth is a person of any gender aged from 18 to 30 years of age, but because of the unemployment and the failure of embracing secular and rational thinking within our society, you find a forty year old person, taking whatever resource that belongs to youth). Youth are failing in almost everything because, even the little resources to empower them, at any level of society is managed by aging old men who are not ashamed of calling themselves youth. Youths are frustrated, lost and no one they can talk too, simply because of the people who never prepared their adulthood and every time they need to be pampered like babies by either religions or State.

Well, visible aging men who simply referred to themselves as youth, came to present, they talked on the tittles they have been occupying and from which year they did start. And then turned on how they should help the youth to stay in the Catholic churched without being lured by Pentecostals of other religions.

No one talked about rape and child ritual murder, unemployment, the rampant marital murder, over-populations, HIV/AIDS and other STDs which the youth desire to listen too. They long to learn more on what’s the cause of the hopelessness and misery which they live in. One speaker simply failed to comment on all the issues that affect our communities, instead called on them to demonstrate against the President’s remarks on the Anti-Homosexuality bill 2009. See

The message in drama portrayed the church and it’s God as the only solutions to today’s rampant domestic violence where lives are lost. He told the masses how a given school which he failed to mention its name admitted 4 gays in school and placed each of them in a class, that by the end of the year the school had 720 gays, none one challenged him.

When the Rt. Reveland came to speak, he spent many hours reminding the devotees how important it is to memorise the Uganda Martyrs names and locations where they were killed, how great it feels for someone to pay a pilgrimage to all ancient Catholic sites in Uganda an and This is a good way to distract people's attention from important issues of the day.

In one segment, the dramatists were supposed to mime several songs from various artists,one group chose a song by Late Paul Kafeero’s “Brandina” in which the singer disowns his daughter who was about to get married, the singer presents his wife as a fornicator and I failed to pick the inner message which the church wanted to pass to the audience of 5 to 30 years. Then also another group chose a song by Kiwanuka popularly known as “Fina” in which the singer shows how guys can date school going girls, impregnate them, try to run away from responsibility and later after much emotional suffering of a girl, Kiwa returns and accepts the responsibility and elopes with a girl. This is another area where I questioned the church/organizers, they do not saw us how the boy or parents helps the younger girl stay or return to school!. Neither do they show us how the boy will manage life having created problems of creating babies yet he is still a child himself. They presented a message that women are incubators of Men’s semen. They presented a girl child as un-useful!

The song only shows the supremacy of the father who strokes the girl and chases her away from the home, without even talking to her, it shows mum as the person without responsibility to cansel her daughter during the times of which she needs her most. These are the problems young people are facing but what was the intention of the church to present this to the audience?

I spent few hours and I called it a day. I have as always said confirmed that the Religions have failed, State have failed let Ugandans and Africa simply try to embrace rationality and critical thinking, It holds up water and you can

Friday, January 15, 2010

When is the last time you bought a Condom and how much was it?

This is a question that I wouldn’t ask anyone in my physical life, simply because I would like to keep my sanity and reputation yet here in the cyber world, I have no problem asking it. It’s not a question that just popped in my minds but it’s a result of my inner struggle, desire and quest to find solutions to today’s most critical problems which the majority of my countrymen and women do not feel largely concerned about. These are the problems that makes me go sleepless for a full night and make my head painfully bump.

Over-population, new emerging safer contraceptives, abortion, sky rocketing prices of both commodities and services, high costs of living and, of course, human rights of all people including women, atheists, children and GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) people.

Am a victim of overpopulation back to the time what I used to call my family where my father chose “creating babies” as his only hobby and as a result, he failed to keep the babies in school and none of them completed any form of education. When I grew up to my independent life, am finding it harder to find a simple fair housing, food, transportation of both public and private, medical services, education, water. Almost everything is in scarcity; and when you find what you need, it’s far too expensive. I cannot afford what I need in life, not because am so poorer but because the area in which I lived before and those where I have swifted are congested by overpopulation. Despite of all the hardships faced with many people here in Uganda, people are busy creating more babies and more babies and more babies at an alarming growth rate. These are families which depend on less than a dollar a day, they sleep on floors without any mattress; they live on less than a dollar a day. Life is very hard for them too, but then why do they created babies? Both their kids and themselves look hopeless and lost. It’s like they are deep in the desert and do not know where to turn for solutions.

Having lived in hardship for all my life as a result of the problem I mentioned above, I chose to spend most of my time teaching-- whoever I meet--about the significance of having less kids or not having any at all. I have spent more hours and days asking people why they do not embrace contraceptives? When men face this question from me, they always answered that “it’s up to my wife”, if she doesn’t want to use contraceptives, then why should I bother? My next question is always “If your wife cannot use contraceptives, "then why don’t you embrace condoms?" And the answer is known “my religion is against Condoms” they always answer calmly.

Apparently, most African countries--including Uganda--allow countries to dump the less improved contraceptives in our countries; it’s mostly because the countries making them are supporting the failing Governments with money in Africa, and so Governments in Africa are not mainly concerned about the health of individuals and their citizens. It's on record now that many African women have gone through strong and severe side affects of these contraceptives. With less support from African Governments, they stopped taking them. As a result, we are seeing more babies, more babies and again more babies. Just look around where you are and see if you can count the children between the ages of 1 day to 15 years. They are just too many!

This evening, I chose to spend it on the streets trying to buy condoms and what I found is frustrating. I wasn’t really in need of condoms, but I wanted to feel that strange anxiety of buying a condom in a broad day time. I wanted to use my experience to tell anyone that “Look, buy condoms and save the country from over-population”

I walked to the first five shops and none of them had condoms, yet located in prime residential locations where bodabodas hang in, many people do their work within but no condoms are available. Other shops simply had empty packets of condoms on display but none was in. Other shops had condoms, but from my observation, those are not the ones preferred by most men, so they are not buying them.

When I arrived to a shop which had one, it was selling it at 800 UGX from 300 UGX four years ago. This was almost my 15th shop. Likewise, drug shops and clinics had none. I continued to search and I came to a drug shop which had like three boxes of that brand on demand and she was selling a packet of three condoms at 1000ugx. This put my understanding on a pause, I couldn’t imagine a boda-boda man paying 1000 UGX for a condom, neither do I hoped to see a taxi driver walking almost a kilometer looking for condoms simply because he is going to have sex.

He will simply say, "After all, we will all dies" which is a common saying in Uganda. One drug shop attendant told me that condoms are not available or are very scarce, that’s why they're so expensive. I hope the Ugandan Government should still consider condoms as the only weapon available that can reduce AIDS/HIV and other STDs and in the same way reduce the populations.
The “get off sexual network campaigns” now runs throughout the media, in almost every 30 minute segment, cannot be affective in combating both HIV/AIDS/STDs and at the same way create an impact on overpopulation.

Until the society comes to its senses to know that creating babies means creating more problems for the future for both the country and the same family that is busy making babies, they should stop complaining to the sky rocketing prices of both services and commodities.

Sex is for pleasure NOT procreation

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I spent most of my time taking pictures and walking the cleaner parts of Nairobi. I took several pictures. I wanted to take the pictures of the most venerated and respected dead man in the world Mzee Jomo Kenyatta the Kenyan first President that led Kenya to independence. His grave is covered in 3 acres of land on the side of Kenyan Parliament building. Its guarded by four armed me with AK47s, neat in their red outfits.

The grave is in a better, flowered house, well maintained with taxpayer’s money, built in a nice looking home in a prime land with two great symbols of lions. Kenyans worship this guy I think, his graveyard, in addition to the armed men, it has 24 hour surveillance cameras placed in all corners if the land and all sides.

It’s honored by 24 ever waving Kenyan National flags and no one is allowed to take pictures. It’s against the law of Kenya to take pictures in this area and almost every one warned me whenever they saw me with a camera in my neck, posing as a foreign journalist.

I walked up to the guards in hope that they will allow me to have pictures but declined even to talk .They simply told me,” not even Kenyans are allowed" I knew this way back in 2003 when I came to Nairobi for the first time, but that time, I didn’t have my camera, I had to hire a cameraman. There are hundreds of them, fatty men whose income depends on those who are in need of posing to be nationalists and patriotic Kenyans.

I went to the UHURU park and took the picture from a far distant range, I by passed many Kenyans lying in the grass with no hope of finding lunch and no idea how the day will end, and they could not even think that the man they worship is simply the source of their suffering. Call me what you want but I put it on Jomo Kenyatta that he is the reason why many Kenyans are poorer yet his family and friends run almost 80% of all hotel and property business within the Central business district and the surrounding townships. Just like Uganda, tribalism and Nepotism are both worsen cancer in Kenyan Government and its crippling Kenya. Since independence, there’s a tribe in Kenya which thinks that they are more human, more Kenyan than other tribes in Kenya, as a result, they occupy almost all the jobs and land within Kenya. It’s this cancer that led the blood of many innocents flow like floods in the streets of Kenya after the elections of December 2008.

I recall reading an interview by Uhuru Kenya when he just returned to Kenyan around 2003, he told the interview that he had 800 million dollars and he believed to be poorer. Uhuru Kenyatta lived outside Kenya most of his life but because his family and cliques didn’t want anyone take the leadership of KANU, Former President Moi invited him back to take the leadership of what they consider to be “Family business” call it KANU political party. He not only invited him, but he deeply campaigned for him during both KANU and Presidential elections which show President Kibaki come to office during his first time.

Just like many Ugandans, 80% of Kenyans depend on less than a dollar a day, therefore, the decision by the Kenyan Government to spend millions of funds maintaining the grave of a dead hero beats my understanding. Almost all roads, all national assets are either named after him or his party which was KANU yet the service delivery by Kenyan Government is frustrating.

Evenning came,I had submitted my visa applications and it was now time to return to Kampala. My bus was to leave at 8pm so I had plenty of time to walk around. You can check on Nairobi anytime but unless you get on the right matatu (Swahili word for minivans in Kenya that operates public transport), you may never leave. It’s a city!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Islam = Terrorism = Human blood =death of innocents!!!! Obvious Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace 

Can a terrorist be cured?The answer is "yes."

I found this to be an interesting article on why there are terrorists. Can a terrorist be cured. The answer is "yes." Many have been. People become terrorists, not just because of religion, although that plays a big role, but they also become terrorists when they see a friend killed by a real or perceived enemy. Therefore, the wars that America constantly wages, continuously creates terrorists.

When George Bush declared war on Iraq, his approval ratings soared to about 85%. This tells one about the American mind-- They love war. Americans vote for "leaders" who get tough on crime--by putting in prison millions of people, the majority of whom did nothing more than some some marijuana.They have had 2.3 million Americans behind bars. They spend far more for prisons than they do on education. Americans like that. And it's a majority of voting Americans that keep war hawks in office.

Like Uganda, America is a sick society.

The Terrorist Mind: An Update 

Saturday, January 09, 2010

10 myths—and 10 Truths—About Atheism

Atheists are often imagined to be intolerant, immoral, depressed, blind to the beauty of nature and dogmatically closed to evidence of the supernatura See what speaker Sam Harris

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Atheists goes on a fact finding mission within a growing cult in Uganda.

Sometime back in the early days of December 2009, I was invited by three Australian students to participate in a documentary aimed to showcase the role and impact of religions in African Children. They wanted an atheist's point of view. I agreed to meet them before doing anything. We chose to meet a Nakummat's famous tasty Java restaurant on Yusuf Lule (Kitante) road. Am not good on memorising road names.

I was there at the agreed time. The three students were already in place, with their humorous, smiling and of course beautiful faces; they together welcomed me to their table. We talked a lot and made our list of individuals that we would meet and set up dates to do so. One of them was Fat boy. The students also requested me if they could meet some traditionalists. This was a harder task because I hardly knew anyone. However, I was not ready to give-up on this task. Giving up had never been my option.

Thursday 10 December 2009 came, by 8:45 am; we were all at Radio one as our meeting point. We walked to Sanyu FM. We did the interview and left Fatboy to finish his morning show. We walked to steers with the students.

I chose to go to my political party. Here people know me as an atheist, so asking numbers of those they knew to be traditionalists was not easy to me either. I started with a low profile when asking for contacts of people believed to be practicing traditional/African religion. I asked almost ten people and none of them knew the telephone number for Maama Fina, the chairperson of all traditional healers/Traditionalists in Uganda.
Time went on and I got frustrated because all the people I asked, I not only thought they would have the number but I was convinced that they themselves practiced traditionalism. I was wrong judging them from their appearances. At around lunch time, a guy whom we have nicknamed Musomesa (teacher) arrived at the party offices. I requested to talk to him in private, not because I suspected him to be a traditionalist but I believed him to have more information on almost everything apart from atheism which seems to be unknown to almost everybody I meet on my daily routine of life.

Musomesa told me to forget Maama Fina when I asked if she knew her number or if he happens to know anyone with her contacts. He told me that Maama Fina is a minor figure or player but gave the number of a certain lady known as Nalongo (mother of twins). He told me that when I call, I must strictly say what I want and also warned me of all cuts offs if am not careful. I called that a day and walked home without talking to Nalongo, indeed I was frustrated, very tired but was covering my face with little inheart happiness that finally, I got a number of some sort. Look for my second edition on this issue.

Saturday, January 02, 2010



To: All Capital Radio Limited Presenters

Cc: Caroline Mukidi Wandera, Derick Nkajja, Jared Mokobo, George Manyali, Patricia Okoed Bukumunhe, Gloria Nakiyimba

Date: 29th September 2009


Following a meeting with the Broadcasting Council today concerning certain forms of on air content on Beat FM that can be deemed inciting and may have potential to inflame public sentiments, we are required to make key adjustments to our content broadcast on both Capital Radio and Beat FM.

All content relating to Buganda-the Buganda Kingdom and the institution of the Kabaka-will not be aired on both stations, unless as positive stories run in the New Vision or Bukedde newspapers covered in our press review. The stories which are positive are those that enhance the relationship between the Central Government and the Buganda Kingdom and do not incite the public into violence. In this context we shall not however give opinion but report them as fact.

More specific to Beat FM, we shall:
(a) Stop all talk and promos in support of Buganda Certificates.

(b) Stop all talk and promos in support of the Buganda Football Tournament Cup finals Amasaza Cup this Saturday

(c) Stop all songs about Buganda and in some cases those about Buganda ’s quest for federo or those eulogizing the Kabaka and SeKabaka’s.

(d) Stop all traditional drums and shakers that introduced the evening drive interspersed with homage to the Kabaka.

(e) Stop any other comment that promotes the Buganda Kingdom or the Kabaka.

(f) Stop all news coverage about Mengo or the Kabaka.

We shall only focus on lifestyle and entertainment content throughout our broadcasts.

For any future changes on this policy, I will duly communicate

Joel Isabirye

Deputy General Manager

Programme Controller

Capital Radio Limited

NB: This article was first discovered by KS and published on his blog


I arrived in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya very early in the morning, and immediately got immediately after I purchased the return ticket to Kampala, rushed to Norwich Union house to send an alarming text to my Stephen an alarming text message telling him to send me money in Nairobi. Norwich house becomes my office and communication center every time I travel to this city, it’s a building of almost ten floors and all of them are occupied by Internet cafés just like many buildings in Nairobi. I have used this building from 2003 when I fast visited this enormous city and there’s one Internet café called Nairobinet, where all the attendants have known me since 2003. They are very warm and friendly. In trying to avoid hotels, sometimes I sleep on their soft sofas if am re-taking the Journey on the same day.

Nairobi hadn't changed much since my last visit in 2007.The touts still wandered up and down all streets of Nairobi mostly on Kimathi Avenue looking for customers. The beggars decreased and still spoke perfectly enunciated English. Postcards with pictures of animals shagging were still the most popular with visitors. And greasy chip shops still offered lunchtime specials of sausages, chips and soft drink at 130 Kshs on papers and polythene bags, eating it while standing in the restaurants.

What pleases me about Nairobi is that, the locals, no matter how poor they are, still wore suits and this was the same on this cool breezing day. Nairobi has a dreadful reputation-visitors call it Nairobbery, and the areas I was walking is horrible, muddy like Kampala, noisy mess, I think if you have visited this city, you know where River road is. I walked to Kenyatta Avenue as I wait Norwich to open, where trees are planted and feels like they water them, are quite lovely and welcoming. Even the street walkers, in this area of the city are smart and speaking English.
Unlike in Kampala where shops open at almost 9am,in Nairobi, by 6:30,it feels like its already 9am,most eating points and internet cafes are open, so I walked in Norwich Union building. I paid 10 Kshs for ten minutes and started sending SMS to Douglas, Stephen’s brother, since the codes of Stephen's phone could not be found on this website

Minutes after I arrived to the Norwich Union house, I wanted to have pee, I requested a key for the toilets from the Internet cafe owners, when I opened the door, my heart sunk because there was people who used the toilets through Sunday and couldn’t flash them, so you know what was there, It was full of shit and nor running water. I didn't use them instead I rushed to the famous KO toilets in Nairobi. I paid 5Kshs to have it but then I had to wait for about five people. This was a tempting moment, and as you know, patience almost over-rode me, I wanted to shout but then one guy came out of the toilet. He saved my dignity; otherwise I was shaking already and couldn’t stand any more.

Douglas was with Stephen, he called me immediately after receiving my online text on his phone. I told him how urgently I needed the money, and at first I told him to put the money in my account with Standard Chattered Bank later I learnt I cannot withdraw the money from Kenya, My account had less money and the one Stephen deposited was to be updated on it after mid-night. I started shaking and mindless. I lost my words but thanks to moneygramme.

I again returned to Internet cafes to become a burden to Stephen, apparently my frustration was growing. It was already 8:30 am and couldn't know how I will do it,
I ordered Stephen to deposit money in Moneygrame that the bank won’t pay me here. He started blaming me for not being prepared be I took on the journey, I felt let down by him, later he told me ,he is sending me money by moneygramme. This relieved me shortly but depression came again since I knew Stephen was using the banks in Uganda which are undependable. Banks in Uganda are very slow, and attendants in them carry that bossy-bossy way of doing business. To them, customers matter less otherwise they wouldn’t be doing the way they do!

I went rushed a calling center to call the Australian Embassy, I called and the calls was not going through. The Nairobi code is like that of London, so the phone operator told me I was not calling Kenya, that I was calling London, I felt so sad and angry but rushed very quickly to 4th floor of Norwich house where the call went through, picked by a white person I knew from his accent and I kindly requested him to connect with me to Iren Otuto. She is the one who dealt with my appointment letter.

I told Irene that I am in Nairobi but had problems on the way that if she could extend my appointment to 10Am. Earlier, my appointment 9Am and its now 9:20 Am, so she agreed and told me not to come after 10:30am,meanwhile Stephen called to give me the details of money. I rushed to moneygramme point. I picked the money, it took me only five minutes to get and rushed to a cab driver who wanted to charge me 500 Kshs but later settled for 350 Kshs, he was in his 50s.I didn't ask him his names, I felt being cheated by him. On the way to the Australian High Commissioner, he told how he hated Asians with all his heart.

The journey was so short. I wondered why he took all my money. Anyway, I was on the High Commission now and felt that my anxiety had gone; there was no strong security to go through. The first security guard asked me if I had an appointment and I answered yes, he told me to stand in front of a strong security darkly screen and wait.

Minutes later, a security guard who told he is Edward Onyancha opened up and took my details ad sent me to reception where I only presented my passport. The smiling Kenyan lady gave me number note with Number 62, but before that, Edward had to check on the list of people to see if my names where there as someone that had appointment, and he couldn't see the names until when I spotted it on the number. Then he provided a pass and there am, in the immigrations center.

I was the only Ugandan, others where from Sudan (Dinka), from Kenya and Somalia. I told Edward that I would like to talk with you when am through. I pretended very strongly as someone inviting him to Uganda.

I waited for about five people inside the consular office, then my turn came. No questions Only one that are you paying for the applications or you already paid, I replied am paying madam. She was a strong Kenyan lady. She called me by number 62 and I couldn’t hear until when I heard her calling number 63, thats when my brained noticed that this lady must have called me first, so I quickly rushed to the counter and she was like "but I called and you couldn't respond, then I answered, Madam, I didn't hear you but here am now, and for this, the Australian official simply smiled at me while looking on the huge papers am presenting. Am application was big that the receiving Kenyan lady took time to comment on it.

There was two Kenyans working on this department and it looked like they had the overall authority and also I noticed that the guy looked so kind for Africans and really wished them if they could make it to Australia.,”Oh my God, this man has huge papers" She shouted and the Australian Immigration official simply smiled weakly without saying a word.

This Lady sent my papers to the Kenyan guy who later called me to pay. Again no questions accept one, how will you want your passport to be returned? I replied that I will pick it. So are you paying in dollars or Kenya shillings? Am paying in Kenya shillings. OK. Get me your money, I coughed the 6500 Kshs down and he fills the information’s in the computer.

He later gave me a receipt and retained all the photocopies of my documents and returned the originals to me. According to Edward, it felt like the Kenyans do all the visa processing, the only work of the Australian lady Official was to stamp them on. They gave my file number T…./1…/….4

I left the consular section, very down to earth, knowing that I submitted my applications. I then walked out of the High Commission and headed to town. That’s what was at the High Commission, that’s it for today. Wait my next edition of my journey.

As the Ugandan Journalist Shaka Ssali says “Get better not bitter in this 2010”.

Friday, January 01, 2010


I immediately found my way through the “No man’s land” and into Kenyan immigrations side, as I tried to locate my bus from thousands of them, I added the task of looking for anything to eat on my menu, I was so hungry, I didn't eat dinner the previous night and lunch apart from the banana fingers I bought very early in the morning when I arrived in town from home. This is the other side of living alone, sometimes I simply have no energy to prepare food, yet trying seeking food from Kampala’s dirty and unhealthy joints is an open invitation for cholera, don’t get me wrong, Kampala has several nice, better restaurants that also serves Para table foods, but unless you were in charge of CHOGM 2007 (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting that took place in Kampala in November 2007,and nowhere in our history have we witnessed huge graft and blunder of national resources than that time),You cannot afford the price of food there. I need someone to take care of me, its this bad eating habit that made my ulcers uncontrollable for years but now, thankfully, I overcame that. Am a free man now!.

The bus spent more hours not getting started because we had to wait the Asian guy who found difficulties on both sides of Ugandan and Kenyan immigration officials. Due to the current threats from al-shabab Islamic militias in Somalia, Asians and Somalis are finding tough times from security agents in both Kampala and Nairobi. After waiting for so long, there was some guys who brokered a deal between this Asian and security agents and he coughed some huge money to let him pass, I couldn’t tell how much it was but seemed to be a four digital figure amount in Kenyan money- do not laugh, you know how our Ugandan shillings is doing on Regional and International markets!

As we were waiting this Asian man, there was a younger Kenyan preacher who entered the bus and shouting may God bless you on your journey and started preaching (this is very common in East African public transport and those earning money from it doesn’t care about other people’s rights who hold different religious views).

I wanted to confront him but choose to keep low profile, when he was leaving the bus, I asked him to write his names for me, he did it proudly telling me that I can rename my future kids after his names since he is a chosen one, his names were Melchizadeck Abol and he insisted on telling me to read Jeremiah 31:31, I regretted asking him to tell his names to me, he was not going to leave my seat unless I pay( they prefer donate) some money to him for no particular reason but I turned a deaf ear. I immediately turned to Mugerwa who also was in rush to tell me how strong he admires to have group sex like what he sees in blue movies. I choose to listen to Mugerwa than Abol. Before Mugerwa narrated his desires,he told me that Abol only sings one verse which is in Jeremiah 31:31 from Monday to Monday, that all the times Mugerwa used the route to Nairobi, he overheard Abol repeating that more than a million times, am not sure what’s on that verse, thanks to my atheistic stand in life.

No sooner had we started off, we met a security road broke, only ten minutes into the journey. There was also other buses stopped and their passengers ordered off for security checks to make sure that no bandits on the buses, but when our turn came, the driver bribed his way out, so we weren’t let off the bus and we continued our Journey.

The Driver bypassed Kisumu road and turned on Eldoret road. He was really a good driver despite of his smoking habit that I hated so much. You must know how it feels to be a passive smoker, in my life time, I have noted that another oppressive group of people who hardly care about others’ rights, and those are smokers. They are totally idiots and un-intellectual...

We arrived to Eldoret at 11:40 pm and the conductor of the bus again ordered to only spend ten minutes, although I was gravely hungry, I chose to go to the toilet to ease myself just in case. The bus was also picking passengers to Nairobi. So this was its stopping center. Many people rushed to behind the building and have a short call.

There was only one toilet where both men and women went (one door), there was no first come first serve business, there was no attendant to the toilet, and this building contained lodges too, entering the toilet was a struggle for the fittest. While we wait our turn to urinate, I overheard a couple having sex next room, and it felt they enjoyed each other deeply. This is another adventure when you’re a lonely traveler. In 2006, I stayed in Bilmas hotel room 301 in Nairobi, there was a door just opposite my room, the couple in it playing sex, the lady had that African voice, very sweetie tone on an alarming volume. Imagine I was on third floor and the receptionist and the guards on the ground floor overheard her. The guards came to inspect to see if there was something wrong, they found me standing at my door, listening to the sexual game in the house and they nodded their heads in disbelief. I returned to my bed, very tired and feeling envious of not being the one doing it. That night, I masturbated more than ten times, I made the white bed sheets dirty, even in the morning at 5am, it was sex that awoke me up. The act became undesirable that I went to shower room, had hot shower, bagged myself and left immediately to the cool breezing streets of Nairobi, since then, the voice of that lady remained in me; sometimes I feel it as I walk in the evening sunbathing. I have not overcome this voice that remained in me since then. My body longs to find a lady who can do the same, that lady was sweetie indeed.

I left the toilets in hope that by the time I come back, the number of people will be less, as I left, I noticed a sign post advertising a traditional healer, call him a witchdoctor, I took a picture of it and left, when I returned to the toilet, I again found two people waiting to urinate, I chose to wait no more and put my penis on the door and urinated there, these women were also struggling to control themselves, so couldn’t wait any longer. I was really in hard time. I left the place and boarded the bus to continue my journey. I wanted to eat but spared myself for the next stopping point.

We left Eldoret at 11:55PM and one of the passengers whispered to my ears that I do spot you taking pictures, why? I told him am a writer and am not taking pictures of people. He calmed down. I bought a pen in Eldoret for 15 Kshs. I was now free to make some points without disturbing Mugerwa.

Apparently, the Asian guy was busy on calls after calls and this raised eyes and nerves up. Actually Mugerwa and many Ugandans who thought the guy may be a terrorist also felt the same. They mostly complained in Luganda, a central Ugandan major indigionues language widely spoken across the region. The Asian guy removed his passport to check stamps but although I didn’t see which Country he belonged to, it had several visas in it indicating that he was a guy on the “move”.

On our way to Nakuru, the driver increased his smoking hobby, his music which was only understandable by him and the Asian guy continued to smoke on every point while talking with some Kenyans who brokered a deal for him. Somehow, I went asleep while keeping my documents in my armpits.

We arrived at Nakuru at 2:15 am, I was tired and extremely hungry, tears running through eyes, I was really gravely hungry. I wanted to eat. The bus Conductor ordered ten minutes, I was struggling here with Kenyans who thought that by note speaking Kiswahili, I was a Kenyan pretending to be from Europe, some even abused me to go to Europe, “if you’re Eurpoean,what are you doing in our country?” One guys shouted.

Traveling can be fun but only when people have reasoning capacity to respect, value, reason and celebrate diversifying cultures across the globe. Finally I bought hot rice and funny boiled meat at 100 Kshs. It tasted sweater, may be because I was deeply hungry because when the warmth went off, the food turned and tasted funny that I didn't want to continue eating. I also bought a bottle of water at 30 Ksh. I called it a night after eating as if I was on frontline in Afghanistan.

Kenyans who served me keeping on asking me if I want tea, tea mixing some broken Luganda and Shahili but I gave them a deaf ear, simply buying my water outside their restaurant since theirs was so expensive at 50 Ksh.

We boarded the bus again and took off. The bus arrived in Nairobi at 4:40 am, we spent the next few hours sleeping in the bus until early morning, I got off the bus at 6:30am, went to the booking office and stupidly booked my ticket to Kampala at 1700 Kshs.

I didn't really know how much money is left within. I counted the money and found out that I do been stupid to buy airfare to Kampala before going to the Australian Embassy and that was the reason why I was in Nairobi. I must stop here and do check on for yet another edition of my journey.

Happy Rational 2010.